Need Dolphin RMS Hosting Service for your site?

RMS is usually not available on a shared hosting environment. Your options are to get yourself a VPS or Dedicated server and install your own media server, or find a 3rd party host that offers it as a stand alone service.

There are few hosts that can provide RMS for a small additional fee. Some that specialize in Dolphin hosting include it in the price of their plans and packages. Check the following companies for more details:

Hosts That Have Plans With RMS Service

What do I need RMS for?
-For the audio and video portion of Profile Videos, Instant messenger, and Chat to work correctly.

Can't I just use the free Boonex RMS?
Boonex discontinued this long ago!

Previously in Dolphin 6.1x this was possible, but those days are gone....

Info from the past...

-You used to be able to use the free Boonex Media Server (RMS). If you were lucky enough to actually connect. It was difficult to actually get a connection and work consistently as there were thousands of sites attempting to connect to it at any given time. It really wasn't a stable or efficient service. It was up and down. Most people couldn't connect to it all. Basically it was pretty much useless at times. It also created a lot of confusion as it implied that profile videos, instant messenger, and chat don't work at all. When in fact they do, and they work great when you choose a suitable provider. Boonex discontinued their free Media Server service quite some time ago.

This means you can find a host that includes RMS with their hosting packages. You can get a costly VPS or Dedicated Server and hope you can figure out how to install your own Media Server. Or, you can use a 3rd party providers along with your current host.