Hello Everyone!

There hasn't been a lot of new developments in the world of Boonex Dolphin lately as far as I am concerned. Boonex did post or show off a few Dolphin 8 teasers over at Unity a while back. They could be just to keep us interested and excited about Dolphin. I really haven't heard anything new about Dolphin 7.1.x. Whether they still plan on releasing that, or if they are going to sort of jump right to Dolphin 8. Who knows for sure.

I have noticed people ask about an ETA for either version, but Boonex seems to avoid an answer. I don't think everyone expects an exact specific for sure date or anything, but a rough idea or guesstimate would be nice. Even helpful for some developers so they can do some planning.

Unless they make a sudden move or change I am not counting on seeing either in the near future. I don't work for them so I really don't know for certain, but I am not expecting to see Dolphin 8 for quite a while yet.

Until they decide to release one or the other I will just keep working with Dolphin 7.0.x.

They do have version 7.0.10 listed over at Boonex Trac Roadmap. It is listed at the time of this posting at 28% complete with 39 total ticket, and 28 of them are still active. Prior to this post I hadn't checked on the status in a while, but it seems like this one is proceeding a little on the slow side. It could be they are spending more time with Dolphin 7.1.x and 8.0.x instead though.

At any rate all we can do is keep checking and watching for Boonex to post and update.