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Well here it is June 1st, 2012 and we are almost halfway through the year already. I haven't updated this news section in awhile now mostly because there hasn't been too much much new or exciting happening in the world of Boonex Dolphin lately. The only thing I can thing of that is fairly recent is Boonex did post a few more Dolphin 7.1 and Dolphin 7 updates, which again were more along the lines of teasers...
Hello Everyone! There hasn't been a lot of new developments in the world of Boonex Dolphin lately as far as I am concerned. Boonex did post or show off a few Dolphin 8 teasers over at Unity a while back. They could be just to keep us interested and excited about Dolphin. I really haven't heard anything new about Dolphin 7.1.x...
Since this site is related to the Boonex Dolphin Script I decided I should probably be running Dolphin. I recently made the switch from my old content management system to this new Dolphin site. As a result of this some of the old links are redirected. If you came here looking for a specific link you will find...
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