If you are seeing display errors with the "Title" of your Photo Gallery Pictures on yoursite.com/photo/all/10/1, the page you are brought to when you click on the "Photos" link in the top navigation menu. The default length of a "Title" a member is allowed to enter is 255 characters. Sometimes when a member enters a title with or near 255 characters it causes this page to display errors with the titles. The columns, rows, cells on the page will cause the Photo "Title" to drop down a line, and sometimes not even show at all.

This will vary depending on whether you use the default dolphin template, or a custom template. Also, whether you have your page size widths set to the default 960px in your admin panel page builder. Smaller size page widths and the display errors become more frequent and apparent.

Now you can mess around with editing viewPhoto.css and hope you can get them to fit better or a simple suggestion is to make the default character length display much less than 255 characters. This way if someone enters a big long title it will be clipped or cut off, and no need to worry about trying to get each and every title to fit. And no messing with viewPhoto.css.

You will have to edit your database. The tool "phpmyadmin" available in most hosting control panels will allow you to make changes fairly easy. If you are not familiar with it, not comfortable with it or don't know where to find it, then you probably shouldn't mess with this one.

If you want to try this one out since it does require editing your database, be sure to download a backup of your Dolphin database before continuing.

This is also useful if you just want to make your "Titles" shorter.

Then open your Dolphin database with phpmyadmin and find the

table: SharePhotoFiles and Click on the "Structure" icon/link as pictured.




You should see something like this next picture. Find "MedTitle" and then click on "Change" looks like a pencil.




Now this is where the default character value of 255 is set for Gallery Picture Titles. You might have to try a number that works for you. I would try 25 to 35 range.


255 Characters

Here I have set it to 28 character's length instead of the default 255.


28 Characters

Be sure to "Save" the changes.


Save Changes

Now you can test upload a picture with a long title and see how it clips anything off after 28 characters. Your "Photo" link should display much better now too. You might have to try other numbers instead of the 28 depending on your preferences.

Ok then what about Movie File Titles? Music and MP3 Titles?

Same thing. You can apply the same concept using "phpmyadmin" to change the default character lengths of each of these from 255 to a smaller title length like 28.

Table structures to edit:
RayMovieFiles...Title...Length/Values(change 255 to 28 or other and save changes)
RayMusicFiles...Title...Length/Values(change 255 to 28 or other and save changes)
RayMp3Files...Title...Length/Values(change 255 to 28 or other and save changes)

Good Luck and have Fun!!


Written By
Tutorial by: Jeremy LeSarge (AKA Ray)

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