How to make the Orca Forum Feeds and other RSS feeds open in the same browser window or tab rather than opening in a new one for Dolphin 7.0.

If you want your Boonex Dolphin Forum Feeds or Other RSS Feeds on your homepage to open in the same window or tab then this is for you.

The default Orca forum feeds on your homepage when clicked on will open in a new window to the forum. For some this can be a little annoying. It can be much more pleasant for your members and guests if they stay in the same browser window.

This also happens to be the case when you are on your main Dolphin 7 forum page and you see the recent Forum Posts / Feeds on the left. If you click on one of these links it will also open in a new tab or window. If you do not want a new tab or window to open making the following changes will take you right to the post in the same browser window.

Example screen shot: (If you click on the links in the red square applying this modification will take you directly to the forum post rather than opening in a new window or tab).

Example Screen Shot




Example screen shot from Boonex Demozzz homepage: (If you click on a forum feed link on the homepage identified by the red square a new window or tab opens. After applying this, you would go directly to the forum post rather than opening in a new window or tab when clicked).

Boonex Demozzz




The drawbacks are if you add a rss feed on your homepage to another website, then the member or visitor will leave your site and go to the new site, because a new window or tab will no longer open. It's controlled by the same code.

The following is based on Boonex Dolphin 7.0.

First back up the file:

Then Find:
'<a href="' + item.link + '" target="_blank">' + item.title + '</a>'

Change to:
'<a href="' + item.link + '" target="_top">' + item.title + '</a>'

Now that takes care of the actual main headline links, but do not forget about the "Forum Posts" or "More" link either.

Find in the same file a few lines lower:
'<a href="' + feed.link + '" target="_blank" class="rss_read_more_link">' + feed.title + '</a>'

Change to:
'<a href="' + feed.link + '" target="_top" class="rss_read_more_link">' + feed.title + '</a>'

Save file and re-upload overwriting the original.

Simply refresh your homepage and/or Forum to verify the changes are successful. If all is well you should go to your forum post without a new window opening.

If this was not what you were looking for or you change your mind simply restore the file you backed up:

Or change the target="_top" back to target="_blank" and save the changes back to your host / server.

Dolphin 6.1x was pretty much the same concept just slightly different coding, but almost identical. You are just changing target="_blank" to target="_top"

Target _blank means a new window or tab. Target _top refers to the same window or tab.

You can find the Dolphin 6.1x instructions / tutorial for this here:
Orca Forum and Feeds in Same Browser Window

Someone had asked about this for Dolphin 7, and although it's pretty much the same I thought I would post it for Dolphin 7 too.

Good Luck!!

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Tutorial by: Jeremy LeSarge (AKA Ray)

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