Orca Forum Folders Open by Default:

Want all your orca forum folders to be open so all your categories are listed and available to see like this site?

If so open:

if (( isset($p['cat']) && $p['cat'] == $r['cat_uri'] ) /*|| 1 == $r['cat_id'] */)

And just comment it out:
//if (( isset($p['cat']) && $p['cat'] == $r['cat_uri'] ) /*|| 1 == $r['cat_id'] */)


After making the change to the file you need to login to your Dolphin admin panel and go to plugins Orca Forum and Compile Languages "en" link in the upper right corner or the orca admin area to update the changes and to take effect. If you have another language you will need to compile the one you are using.


Refresh page...and now they are all open for easier navigation.

For previous versions just look for similar coding.

Here is a screen shot notice all the folders are open for viewing:

Orca Forum Folders Open by Default

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Tutorial by: Jeremy LeSarge (AKA Ray)

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