After playing around with Orca Forums the past several days, I noticed many references to files and folders not found in my logs. Although the Orca Forum appears to work, I am not too fond of seeing all the errors in my server logs all the time.

Rather than go through a bunch of code and find all the references to the files, folders, and locations I decided to go the fast and easy route.

Simply upload the files and folders to the location that it is expecting to find them.

So far I have 3 errors file or folder not found that come up all the time related to Orca.


Dolphin Version 6.1.4 with Orca

-and the actual css that resides in the css folder which is contextmenu.css

-and the actual css that resides in the css folder which is editor_ui.css

-and the actual image files that reside in this folder.

Both 1 and 2 don't seem to exist in Dolphin 6.1.4 probably the same for all 6.1.x versions. They don't exist, are missed, or whatever. This is more of a tiny_mce issue as it is a 3rd party script/integration.

-Solution is to grab the css/css files from the previous version 6.0x and upload them to the desired locations specified above.

Number 3 is a little trickier as in certain server configurations you wont be able to upload to the base_en folder or subfolders.

-Solution first download the entire img folder including the images inside it from /orca/layout/base/img

--Now upload the folder and the contents to /orca/layout/base/img/ so you would have /orca/layout/base/img/img and all image files inside.

---Go to your Dolphin admin panel, and then to the Orca admin area and re-compile the language file by clicking on the "en" located in the upper right corner.
----This will write the folder and contents to base_en. So after you have compiled the language file you will now have /orca/layout/base/img/img/ and all image files inside.

That's it. The 3 errors no longer show up in my logs.


I do not use the Groups feature so you may have to do the same to the Groups folder and then re-compile the language.

And now if you visit your Orca forum and navigate to a forum post you should actually notice the background briefly changes to a kind of gray'ish color while it loads the page.

You can navigate to this site's forum and click on one of the forum links to see for yourself.

Overall I would consider these a minor glitch, but if anyone else happens to be annoyed by all the errors in their logs this might be of use to you.

If you can't find the files/folders in the previous version you can get them here:

Advanced CSS zip

Contextmenu zip

Orca Img files/folder zip

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Tutorial by: Jeremy LeSarge (AKA Ray)

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