Have you ever deleted things people post to your Dolphin 7 site through your Admin Panel? Possibly blog posts, articles, pictures, music, video, whatever. If you have you should really think about checking your database tables where that information is stored. If you delete several at a time you might notice the database table's overhead can quickly get out of hand, or quite large.

Providing you don't have other issues or problems with your database you can easily optimize the particular table which will do away with the overhead.

This will be more apparent if you are deleting several post at a given time rather than just 1 or 2. The overhead can also depend on how much text is contained in the post you are deleting.

For some reason Dolphin 7 tends to create a lot of overhead in the database when you delete things from your Admin panel.

How to Optimize your Dolphin 7 Database Tables after deleting content posted to your site:

Before you mess with your database, it is recommended that you download and backup your database to your local PC.

Here is a screen shot for my Dolphin 7 Database prior to deleting some blog posts. I am using phpmyadmin and you can see the table ...... that there currently is no overhead.

Blog Table Before Deleting Content

Here in this screen shot from my Dolphin 7 Admin Panel for Blog Post Moderation. As you can see I am going to delete several blog posts. 5 are visible in this screen shot, but 5 others are not. I am going to delete a total of 10 blog posts.

Dolphin 7 Blog Administration

Now after deleting the 10 blog posts if I go back and check my database using phpmyadmin again for the same table you can see there is now a lot of overhead and this was caused by deleting only 10 blog posts.

Blog Post Table With Overhead

To optimize the table and do away the overhead all I need to do in phpmyadmin is tick or select the table with the overhead.

Select bx_blogs_posts

Then scroll down towards the bottom and select "Optimize Table".

Select Optimize table

And boom no more overhead. The table is now optimized. And the table size actually is reduced. It went from 659.0 KiB to 446.4 KiB.

bx_blogs_posts Table Optimized no Overhead

Like I said Dolphin 7 does this frequently to the database when you remove or delete content in your Admin panel. It would be a good idea to check this fairly often.

If you haven't checked your database tables for overhead at all it would be a good idea to check the others as long as you are there.

The more active your site is the more likely you will see more unwanted overhead in your Dolphin 7 Database.

If you are not totally sure what you are doing or how to do this it would be a very good idea to download and backup your database prior to optimizing database tables just in case.

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