Although the MTools Page Editor module developer seems to have disappeared and it hasn't been updated since May 12th, 2010 this is still a very good, usable, and FREE Dolphin 7 module.

The page over at Boonex Unity Market says it is compatible with Dolphin 7.0.0 or 7.0.1. However, you can still use it with newer Dolphin 7 versions, and up to the current Dolphin 7.0.9 version. Keep reading for instructions on how to use this with other Dolphin 7 versions.

Here is a link to the page over at Boonex for reference:

Also note on that page you will see it says: New Version: MTools Page Editor 1.6.1, which doesn't exist.

Here is a description taken from the page:

The module allows you to edit, delete, add and re-order footer links.
The module allows you to edit the basic pages content for any language you currently have installed on your site.

Provides a much easier way to edit the contents of those pages without having to mess around with language keys.

Features (Edit Footer Links):
Drag to Re-Order Links
Delete Links
Add Links
Edit Links Preference

Features (Edit Basic Pages):
* About Us Page:
About Us Page Title, About Us Box Title, About Us Box Contents

* Contact Us Page:
Contact Us Page Title, Contact Us Box Title

* Privacy Page:
Privacy Page Title, Privacy Box Title, Privacy Box Contents

* Terms of Use Page:
Terms Page Title, Terms Box Title, Terms Box Contents

* FAQ Page:
FAQ Page Title, FAQ Box Title, FAQ Box Contents

* Help Page:
Help Page Title, Help Box Title, Help Box Contents

* Advice Page:
Advice Page Title, Advice Box Title, Advice Box Contents

How to use MTools Page Editor with Dolphin 7.0.0 through 7.0.9

1. Download MTools 1.5.1 directly from Boonex on this page:

2. Extract the zip file to your local computer.

3. Open the config.php file:
MTools Page Editor 1.5.1/MTools Page Editor 1.5.1/files/modules/mchristiaan/mtools/install/config.php

'compatible_with' => array( // module compatibility
'7.0.0',  // it tells that the module can be installed on Dolphin 7.0.0 only.

Change 7.0.1 to either 7.0.9 or your current Dolphin version like so:
'compatible_with' => array( // module compatibility
'7.0.0',  // it tells that the module can be installed on Dolphin 7.0.0 only.

Then, save the changes to the config.php file.

4. Upload all the files/folders to the proper location within your Boonex Dolphin Hosting account.

Be sure you upload this properly.

For example the folder you extracted from the .zip file:

Would be uploaded to your Dolphin 7 modules directory:

You would then have in your modules folder in your account:
-boonex (folder/directory)
-mchristiaan (folder/directory)
-index.php (file)

5. Login to your Dolphin 7 administration panel and install it just like any other module.

Scroll down to the "Not Installed Modules"

Check the MTools Page Editor 1.5.1 box and click install.

Dolphin 7 Modules

6. After doing so, you will find the MTools Page Editor in the Modules list:
-MTools Page Editor

MTools Page Editor

7. Screen shot editing Dolphin 7 About Us Page

Dolphin 7 MTools About Us Page

Overall this is a great module that will allow you to easily add or edit the following pages:
About Us
Terms of use
Invite a friend
Contact Us

Even change the order if you want.

Screen shot About Us first position in MTools Editor:

Dolphin 7 MTools Page Editor

And About us first in Dolphin 7 footer:

Dolphin 7 Footer

After moving Privacy to first position:

Dolphin 7 MTools Page Editor

And Privacy is now first in Dolphin 7 footer:

Dolphin 7 Footer

It doesn't get much simpler than this great Dolphin 7 Module.

Written By
Tutorial by: Jeremy LeSarge (AKA Ray)

I am the owner and administrator of DialMe.com. I write Tutorials for Boonex Dolphin as well as tips and resources surrounding website programming and development. I enjoy working with WordPress, SEO, and Web Hosting / Servers. I also maintain a WordPress Blog here on this site where you will find a variety of technology and webmaster resources.

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