Can't access your Admin Panel?

This doesn't happen very often but it does happen on occasion. Maybe you installed Dolphin, but kind of didn't do anything with it. Maybe you forgot about it, or were busy doing other things. Then, one day you come back to it and want to start playing around with again. But...you can't remember your log in / password. What's that you forgot to store it in a safe place? No worries, we can restore it fairly quick and simple using "phpMyAdmin" or similar available in most Linux based hosting control panels.

Even though you can't remember your log in password, it's probably a good idea to download and back up your database from inside your hosting control panel anyway just in case you do something wrong before attempting this.

This is relatively easy, but you never know.

I use "Cpanel" Hosting Control Panel most often and the following screen shot is from the latest Cpanel version that uses the standard theme/skin. If you have "Cpanel" yours may look slightly different depending on your hosts setup and theme/skin.

(If you don't use Cpanel then you will have to find "phpMyAdmin" in the particular control panel you use, or a similar tool.)

First scroll down until you find the "Database" section in "Cpanel" and simply click on "phpMyAdmin" as pictured:

phpMyAdmin In Cpanel



phpMyAdmin will open in a new window or browser tab. You need to find your database name on the left where the "black and white" box is in this picture. If you have more than one be sure you select the right database. To select it simply click on the name of the database that would appear where this "black and white" box is:

Locate Your Database Name


Now we need to locate the "Admins" Table. As you can see they are in alphabetical order and "Admins" will be near the top. Now you will need to click on the "browse" icon which is usually the first little icon/graphic as pictured:

Admins Table


Now that brings us to this screen. Here, we can see Name = admin and password I have blocked out, it will be md5 encrypted with a bunch of characters letters and numbers. Most people use admin as the log in name. But if yours says something different you will need to remember this at this point. We can change it in the next steps along with the password, or just leave it.

So now on this screen we want to click the "Edit" icon/graphic. Again, usually it's the first icon and looks like a pencil in phpMyAdmin.


Now if you want to change your Login Name it needs to go in the "yellow" box that says admin in this screenshot. Do not leave it blank. This will be what your actual login name will be when you login to your Dolphin Admin Panel.

Paste the following into the password box/field as pictured: 36cdf8b887a5cffc78dcd5c08991b993

That big long code is: in md5 encrypted format. (36cdf8b887a5cffc78dcd5c08991b993 = dolphin)

Then click the "Go" button to save and apply the changes.

So after clicking on that go button our Log In will now be: admin password: dolphin

But we don't want to keep it this way because everyone knows this is to easy for anyone to guess. So we will want to immediately login to our Admin Panel with these new login details. Once we login, we will change the password to one more suitable.

Change Password

Now login at: http://www.yoursite.com/admin

Login with the details we reset:
Log in: admin
password: dolphin
And click the "Enter" Button.
Log In


Now navigate to "Settings"..."Admin Password" as pictured.

Locate Settings Admin Password

So here we will change the password from: dolphin to anything we want. This is just an example I used "yourchoice" meaning enter something unique and difficult for someone to guess, and make sure you don't forget it!

Enter the following and substitute "yourchoice" for the real password you wish to use from now on.
Old Password: dolphin
New Password: yourchoice
Confirm New Password: yourchoice
And smack that "Save Password" Button

Change Password

After clicking the "Save Password" Button Log Out if it doesn't automatically do so.

Now let's test our new log in details.
Go back to http://www.yoursite.com/admin

Now Log In with your new details you just set in the previous step.

Log in: admin
Password: yourchoice
(substitute "yourchoice" for what you really used in the previous step.)

Now Smack that "Enter" Button and boom!!!!!

Log In With New Password



Congratulations....if you followed these steps right you should be logged in with your new password.
Now don't forget it! Write it down! Keep it in a safe place!!


Come back and follow this tutorial if you forget again!

I hope this helps someone.
Good Luck and Have Fun!!

There are other ways to do this, but I think this is one of the easiest ways, and the least likely to mess something up for those of you a little uncertain or don't have as much experience working with databases and phpMyAdmin.


If you have another script other than Dolphin that uses md5 encrypted passwords and you can't remember the log in password, you can use this as a guide for other scripts.

The tables and structure would be slightly different, but really you just need to locate the admin and MD5 password and change it in the same manner or process.

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Tutorial by: Jeremy LeSarge (AKA Ray)

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