How to determine which .html page is being used or referenced.

You can make some simple and easy edits to your Dolphin site by simply editing or altering the .html page associated.

If you are using the default template you will find the .html files located in:
/templates/tmpl_uni/page_1.html for example.

For example if I want to find out which .html page is associated with mysite.com/browse.php I would open up browse.php with a text editor and a few lines down I will find the following:

$_page['name_index'] = 49;
$_page['css_name'] = 'blogs.css';

The 49 part refers to the .html page. So in this case I know that blogs.php is using page_49.html located at:

So if I wanted to do some customizations or make changes I can look at page_49.html and see what I might be able to do with it.

Also notice on the next line it tells us which .css file is associated with blogs.php in this case blogs.css which is located at:

So I might also look at blogs.css if I wanted to make some changes to this file.

Sometimes a number of .css are used at the same time per page. However it does give you a idea of where to begin looking.

If you are using a template other than the default, you will have to change tmpl_uni accordingly to reflect the actual template folder name and location.



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Tutorial by: Jeremy LeSarge (AKA Ray)

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