How to change or edit the FAQ Page:

This one is also asked often "How do I change the information on the FAQ Page". The screen shots in this tutorial article are based on Dolphin 6.1x. However, the overall process has been the same for previous versions.

Changing the information contained on the FAQ page is fast and a simple process.

First login to your Admin Panel.

On the left column find "Settings" and then click "Languages Settings":


Dolphin Admin Panel Language Settings


In the "Search for Strings" area enter into "Look for:" faq and simply click on the "Search" button.

You will see several results returned. Find in the "String" column "_FAQ_INFO". Then, click the "Edit" link:
Search for Strings faq



A new window will open. You will see the "Key" is _FAQ_INFO on the top. In the "String" area is the content, information, and text currently on your "FAQ" page.

faq Key String



Simply change the "String" to anything you want to display on your "FAQ" page. Make sure the box is checked for "Recompile corresponding language file to apply changes." and click the "Save changes" button.


Save Changes faq Key String

Then just refresh your "FAQ" page to verify the changes you made.

If you find any spelling mistakes or errors, simply go back and edit the information again and "Save changes". Don't forget to refresh the "FAQ" page after each change to verify the changes.

**You can include standard HTML in the "String" field/area if you want.

This is very fast and simple. Not much to it really once you do it a few times. There are many other page content, text, headings, titles, etc. you can change in Dolphin by using this same process. Just search the language page and find the "Key" and "String" you are looking to change.

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