Have you ever wanted to turn off the Cupid Mail feature completely? Maybe your site just don't need Cupid Mails. Or maybe you just don't like it for whatever reason.

You can uncheck or untick the "Enable cupid mails" and "Enable Matchmaking" boxes in your Admin Panel. However, Dolphin may still send an automated email to members informing them that a new member has joined that matches their profile. Usually based on sex, but possibly if you have added custom fields to the registration / join form as well.

Some members get annoyed when they receive these messages on a frequent basis and some might even complain. Some people like it some people don't.

If you want to turn this off completely you can either remove the cron from within your hosting control panel completely that you originally setup during install, or make a few quick changes in the administration.

If you want to remove the cron simply remove the one in your hosting control panel under "Cron Jobs" for cupid.php. This will stop it from executing and no more cupid mails.

Alternatively you can make the following changes in your Admin Panel in Advanced Settings.

First login to the backend and navigate to "Settings" then "Advanced Settings" as pictured in this screen shot:

Dolphin Admin Panel Advanced Settings


After clicking that scroll down the page until you find the "Cupid Mails / Matchmaking" area as pictured here:

Cupid Mails - Matchmaking


Uncheck / Untick the box for both "Enable cupid mails" and "Enable matchmaking" and set the "Send a cupid mail if the recently joined profile matches more than this percent" to 300 as pictured here in this screen shot:


Disable Cupid Mails - Matchmaking


Then scroll to the bottom of the page and be sure that you do click on the "Save Changes" button as shown here in this next screen shot. There seems to be some confusion lately about the two buttons on this page. Some members are apparently clicking the bottom "Save" button which is for the Water Mark settings. Hopefully in the future this will be on another page, or it will be more obvious.


Save Changes

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Tutorial by: Jeremy LeSarge (AKA Ray)

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