At some point you might decide to split the Join form/page into more than one page. You might have read or had someone tell you that it can help prevent spam bots. Maybe you just think the appearance looks better instead of that big long one page form.

You can easily split it into two parts fast and easy in your Administration panel.

To do so login to Dolphin Admin and find:
-Profile Fields

Profile Fields

Now find and click on the Misc Info button/link near the top of the page.

Misc Info Column

A little window will appear. You would simply change the Join Page drop-down box from 0 to 1, and save the changes.

Join Page Drop-Down

Now click on the Security Image button/link and do the same. Change the Join Page drop-down from 0 to 1, and save the changes.

Join Page Drop-Down 1

Everything in the General Info column would now appear on page one of your Dolphin join form/page at this point. Everything in the Misc Info and Security Image column would appear on page two.

If for some reason you want a three part join form/page then you can change the Security Image Join Page drop-down box to 2, and save the changes. However, doing so would put only the Captcha and Terms of Use section on the third page so it's not really recommended. It would look better to keep them on page two, and omit a third page.

If you happen to add more fields to the third column under Security Image you might consider a third page, but only if you have enough fields worth displaying on a third page.

Here is a screen shot of what the Dolphin Join form/page would look like in two parts. This first image would be page one. You can see it is nice, short, and very clean now.

Join Page Form Page 1

Page two would look like this:

Join Page Form Page 2

So whether you are just after a cleaner simpler looking join process, or if you are hoping to help prevent or stop some spam bots it's very easy to split it into more than one page.

If you change your mind just change the Join Page drop-down back to 0's, and save the changes.

0 = Page 1
1 = Page 2
2 = Page 3

The 2 won't appear unless you have a column with a 0 and another with a 1 setting in the drop-down box.

Current Version at the time of this post: Dolphin 7.1.4
*The process is the same for versions 7.0.x and 7.1.x

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Tutorial by: Jeremy LeSarge (AKA Ray)

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