Installing Your First Module:

After installing Boonex Dolphin 7 you might be wondering where are all the things that saw in the Demo. Well they aren't automatically installed during installation. It is up to you to pick and choose which features you want to add to your new website. Whether you want all the available features or just a few, the choice is yours.

Dolphin 7 now refers to these features as Modules. For example, Ads, Chat, Groups, Polls, Articles, Blogs, Orca Forum, Wall, etc. are all Modules. There are many free Modules included, but first you will have to install them.

Installing them is very easy. Simply navigate to "Tools" and then "Modules".


Dolphin 7 Modules


Here you will find a page with all the current modules you can install. Simply check the box for the Module you want to install, then scroll down and select install. Or maybe you want to install several, check all the ones you want to install all at once.


Dolphin 7 Select Module to Install


Note: Some modules are dependent on others and you will also need to install the other module at the same time in order for it to work.

  • For instance if you want to install the "Membership" Module, you will see something like this in the "Operation Results": Installation of: Membership Failed. As you can see it tells you that you need to install the "Payment Module" before you can install "Membership".


Dolphin 7 Module Install Failed


  • So simply find the module "Payment Module" and install it first. After that install "Membership". Or better yet check both boxes and install "Payment" and "Membership" Modules at the same time.


Dolphin 7 Install Payment Module

Now that you installed some Dolphin Modules you can configure and customize each module you installed by navigating to "Modules" in the left hand menu. Just click on the "Module" you want to setup, configure, and/or adjust. Some modules will have more options and available configurations than others.


Configure and Customize Dolphin 7 Modules

Once you have the module installed and configured, you can set the membership level / permission for the particular module. Maybe you do not want guests to use it. Maybe standard members can do one thing, but premium members can do more.

Set Membership Level / Permissions for a Module:

Navigate to "Settings" then click on "Membership Levels". Now from here you can change and adjust what each type of membership has permission to do and how much they can use it.


Dolphin 7 Membership Levels

For example I will select "Standard" membership by clicking the link. Now if I wanted to change or adjust what a "Standard Member" is allowed to add in terms of photos, I just click on "photos add" link.


Dolphin 7 Add Photos Membership Level

Now this screen opens and I can set the number that "Standard Members" are allowed. Maybe 10 total, or 10 in a 24 hour period. Maybe I want to let them upload 100 maximum before they have to upgrade to the next membership level.


Dolphin 7 Add Photos Membership Action

It takes a while to get the hang of it and to get it all set up right, so take your time. You can always go back and make changes later.

Then just test the module out with various membership levels to make sure it is doing what you expect. If not you may need to change the configuration, or the membership level settings and try again.

Afterwards move along to the next module you wish to use.

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Tutorial by: Jeremy LeSarge (AKA Ray)

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