Dolphin comes pre-configured to use Day Month Year format such as 1-3-2013 (1 March 2013). I couldn't tell you what parts of the world use this format, but here in the U.S. we use Month Day Year. If you live in the U.S. and see 1-3-2013 you would assume that it meant January 3rd, 2013.

So if you live in the U.S. or another part of the world that uses a Month Day Year format you can change this in Dolphin fairly fast and easy.

You might notice dates like 1.3.2013. You can change the dots (.) to commas like 1 3, 2013. You can also change the months from numbers 1-12 to Jan, Feb, Mar, etc., which could look like Jan 3, 2013 instead if you want.

If you happen to live in a part of the world that uses Year-Month-Day you can easily change Dolphin to this format as well.

You can review PHP date formats here:

And, time formats here:

You can change these settings in the Dolphin 7.1 Administration here:
-Languages Settings

Here are a few examples:
d.m.y = 1.3.13 (day-month-short year)
d.m.Y = 1.3.2013 (day-month-long year)
m.d.Y = 1.3.2013 (month-day-long year)
d.M.Y = 1.Mar.2013
M.d.Y = Mar.1.2013
M d, Y = Mar 1, 2013
M d, y = Mar 1, 13
Y m d = 2013 3 1
Y M d = 2013 Mar 1

It is just a matter of configuring the order that you would like to use, and whether you like to use numbers for the Months or Jan, Feb, Mar, etc. As well as a short year (13) or long year (2013).

One thing to keep in mind are the ones that say (for database) you need to make sure that you use the % before each such as:

Short date format (for database): %d.%m.%y

You could change it to something like: %m.%d.%y

The following fields are for various parts of Dolphin where the date is displayed:
Time format (for code):     
Short date format (for code):     
Long date format (for code):

Which would include things like profile and member pages as well as photo, video, and other uploaded content dates.

Example Dolphin Video Day Month Year (d.m.Y)
Day Month Year Format

Results in:
Day Month Year Format Result

After changing to Month Day Year (M d, Y)
Month Day Year Format

Results in:
Month Day Year Format Result

The first image is the original default Dolphin settings. You can use that screenshot to set it back if need be.

Changing these will affect the database so make sure you understand them. It's fairly simple, but you might consider downloading a database backup prior to making changes just in case.

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