One of the things you might notice about Dolphin 7.1 is that Boonex has switched from their own custom captcha to reCaptcha. I am not a big fan of them myself, but it's available for those of you that want to try it.

To install or activate reCaptcha all you need to do is generate Captcha keys. You can find a link in your Dolphin 7.1 Administration Dashboard after you login. It can be found here:

Generate reCaptcha Keys

Just click on the "Generate your own Captcha keys" link to go directly to the reCaptcha site. Once you are there click the "USE reCAPTCHA ON YOUR SITE" button, and then choose "Sign up Now!".

The direct link/url is:

Since reCaptcha is a Google service if you already have a Google account of some form you should be able to sign in automatically with that, and proceed to generate your keys. If you don't have a Google account then obviously you will need to manually sign up if you want to use this service.

Once you have your keys you can click on the "here" link in the Dolphin 7.1 Administration Dashboard to go directly to the page you need to enter them.

Enter Dolphin Captcha Keys

Alternatively you can go to:
-Advanced Settings

Entery your reCaptcha keys and save the changes.

Captcha on Join Page

You can also go there directly by entering this link:

Once you have done that you will find the reCaptcha on your Join page under the Security section. You will also find it on the Contact and Forgot Password Pages as well.

Captcha on Join Page

How well does reCaptcha work?

Good question. You will have to test that out and see for yourself. Some people say that it does help prevent spam and bots, and others say it doesn't help at all.

I do know a lot of captcha's don't help that much and some not at all. You will need to decide whether or not it is worth adding because it will undoubtedly tick off some legitimate real visitors. I also know that reCaptcha in particular can be very difficult to actually read what it says, and sometimes even if you enter exactly what it says it will still tell you that you entered it wrong.

So test and try it out for yourself. See if you continue getting a lot of spammers joining and posting junk. If so then it's probably not working or not working that well for you.

If you have visitors telling you they are having a difficult time joining because they can't read the captcha and keep failing you will have to decide whether or not it is worth using.

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Tutorial by: Jeremy LeSarge (AKA Ray)

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