You will need to make and create a favicon.ico which you can find a number free online generators and creators. There are many free pre-made favicon.ico available that are pretty decent. So just do some google searching for them.

Once you have found or made one you will need to upload it to your main root directory where your Dolphin 7 resides and is installed. You will also need to make sure it is called favicon.ico.

If your site is http://www.yoursite.com

Then you would upload it to:

After that you need to add and edit the _header.html file in your Dolphin 7 base Template folder:

This will just be adding simple standard code to the file, but you might download a backup of the file just in case.

Open /templates/base/_header.html with your favorite text editor and find:

So it would look like:

Then save the changes back to your server hosting/account.

Verify the changes by refreshing your site in your web browser. Then, choose view Page Source with Firefox, or view Source with Internet Explorer.

You should be able to see the code you just added when viewing the source code in your web browser.

If not double check the above instructions.

Dolphin 7 has a tendency to do more caching then previous versions. If you know you successfully uploaded the favicon.ico file to your host, and correctly added the code and you still do not see it then it is probably due to Dolphin 7 cache.

If that is the case login to your Dolphin 7 Administration and on the main dashboard click on "Clean all" or "Clean Templates" and "Clean js/css".

If you click on "Clean all" it will clear all temporary files in /cache_public folder (yoursite.com/cache_public).

Clear Dolphin 7 Cache

Then refresh your site in your web browser and view Page Source again to verify that the code is there.

If you still do not see it, then you will have to manually clear and remove the files in the other cache folder (yoursite.com/cache).

These files are temporary files and they will get re-cached as someone browses your site. There is no way to remove them in your Dolphin 7 Administration Panel. You have to manually delete them. Don't worry they do get re-created and re-generated, but down load the entire folder to your local PC before removing the files if you are worried about removing them.

Then after removing the files in the /cache folder manually, refresh your site one more time and view source.

If you do not see the code and your favicon.ico in your web browser then you need to review the above instructions and/or start over and try again.

This is one of the more simple things you can add to Dolphin 7 and it only takes a few moments.

Firefox automatically looks for a favicon.ico in the root directory when loading a web page whether the code is present or not. Earlier versions of Internet Explorer do not, so the code needs to be added and present for Internet Explorer to find it.

Good Luck!

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Tutorial by: Jeremy LeSarge (AKA Ray)

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