By default the Dolphin 7.1 sharing buttons in the recommend block areas in Articles, Blog Posts, etc. are not optimized so well. Unfortunately the only way at the current time to modify them is to edit the database with a tool like phpMyAdmin.

Let's take the Twitter Tweet button for example. If you have a Twitter account that you use regularly you are probably aware of the importance of using the "Via @username" and "#Hashtag".

Hashtags in Tweets can be extremely useful for helping your content get found on Twitter, and the via @username will allow you to know when someone Tweeted one of your posts.

By default when someone Tweets one of your posts in Dolphin 7.1 what you end up with is: Title (of post) and the Link to it, which will look similar to this:

Default Tweet 

Here is the same link optimized with via @gameutopia:

Tweet with username

This one is with a hashtag #boonex:

Tweet with hashtag

And, this one has both a hashtag #boonex and via @gameutopia:

Tweet with username and hashtag

As I mentioned early at the current time the only way to change the Twitter Tweet and other social sharing buttons is to edit the database. This isn't too difficult, but be careful. Change and edit this at your own risk. You might consider downloading a database backup first just in case.

Step 1
Login to your hosting account. Then, find and click on phpMyadmin to load it up.


Step 2
Once it opens find your Dolphin database on the left side of the page, and click on it.

Locate Dolphin 7.1 Database

Step 3
Scroll down until you find the "sys_objects_social_sharing" table.

Then, click on the "Browse" link/icon.

Find sys_objects_social_sharing

Step 4
Click on the "Edit" link/icon for the Twitter object.

Edit Twitter Object

Step 5
Change the Boonex Twitter button code in the box to your desired Twitter button code with hashtags, via username, etc. Then, click the "Go" button.

Paste in your Twitter code

Step 6
Be sure to clear the Dolphin 7.1 cache for "DB" at the very least after making changes to the database.

To do so go to:

Under the Clear Cache area click the "DB" link.

Clear DB Cache

If you make several changes be sure to clear the DB cache after each change.

Test the Twitter button out by clicking the Tweet button in an Article or Blog and verify that a hashtag and/or via username is present.

Get the Twitter button code from:

The first 2 fields should be "Use the page URL" and "Use the title of the page"

The rest of them you can configure the way you want with your Twitter username and your hashtag.

Once you have the fields filled out copy the code from the right side of the page under the "Preview and code" and copy that into the Dolphin database replacing the original Boonex Twitter button code in Step 5.

Get your Twitter Optimized Code

If you are familiar with the Facebook, Google Plus, and Pinterest button code you could also optimizing and customizing them in Step 4 as well. Just make sure you know what you are doing and that you are using the right code. Also, make sure you clear the "DB" cache in Dolphin 7.1 Administration so the changes you make get updated.

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Tutorial by: Jeremy LeSarge (AKA Ray)

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