I created a How To Install Dolphin Video tutorial. Examples shown in the video are from Dolphin 7.1. However, the install process is the same for previous versions and will likely remain the same or very similar in new versions.

The video walks you through all the necessary steps from start to finish. It is based on suPHP configured web server/hosting. If your host or server does not have suPHP the only difference is you will need to set more file/folder permissions, and you may need to set the permissions slightly different (666/777), which you should be able to figure out once you watch the video.

This video includes instructions based on the following:

  • cPanel Linux Web Hosting
  • cPanel File Manager
  • suPHP configured web hosting server

What is covered in the Dolphin Install Video Tutorial:

  • Creating a Database, Database User, and Database Password
  • Adding Database User to the Database
  • Granting Privileges for the Database/Database User
  • Extracting the .zip file and moving files/folders to your desired location.
  • Running the Dolphin Installer with step by step instructions.
  • Setting up the Dolphin Cron Job.
  • Checking the Dolphin requirements, web server, and php settings.

How to install Boonex Dolphin

You can obviously install Dolphin on other server and hosting setups.

Be sure your host meets the minimum requirements necessary to run Dolphin, which can be found here:

Written By
Tutorial by: Jeremy LeSarge (AKA Ray)

I am the owner and administrator of DialMe.com. I write Tutorials for Boonex Dolphin as well as tips and resources surrounding website programming and development. I enjoy working with WordPress, SEO, and Web Hosting / Servers. I also maintain a WordPress Blog here on this site where you will find a variety of technology and webmaster resources.

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