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Whether you are familiar with Google Pagerank or not at some point you may want to see how internal pages rank. Some people just check the main page, not knowing or understanding that each page has a rank. Google Internal Pagerank refers to the value of your internal web pages under your main page such as yoursite.com/faqs.php.

You can check each page manually using the Toolbar, but this isn't really efficient and can be very time consuming. You can try some of the online checkers, but many are limited, some require you to register with the particular site, and some just don't work at all. The ones that do are generally limited and all of the online Internal Page Rank Checkers are extremely slow.

There used to be this very small program by seojunkie.com that was only around 75kb's in size that you could download and run from your local PC. It was very fast and accurate. There were tons of sites all over the internet talking about it and linking to it. I don't know what happened to the seojunkie.com site whether it was bought or sold, but it seems the site no longer has the Google Pagerank Checker v1.0 anymore.

I was able to locate a copy of the program on my USB Backup Drive after a fairly extensive search.

So for those of you interested in a very small little program that will check not only your main page, but your internal pages as well. It's totally free, no adware, no spyware, doesn't expire or any of that.

Download the FREE Google Internal Pagerank Checker - Only 76kb's!


If you receive an error when starting this program you have an out of date or corrupt driver.
Download updated drivers here:

The MSINET.OCX File/Driver here:

The MSCOMCTL.OCX File/Driver here:

The files should be placed in your C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory. Or, if you are C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 if you are using WinXP.

Simply enter your main domain and click the "Start" Button as pictured in the screen shot below. It will quickly start displaying each URL and the Google Pagerank for each.

Note: Click on the picture / screen shot to enlarge it if you want a better look.

Google Internal Pagerank Checker

Also notice at the bottom of the program it says made by http://www.seojunkie.com. You can check the site, but I was unable to locate any information regarding this. It's like it doesn't exist at all anymore. The site just says: "Under Construction" so I really don't know what happened to the content this site used to have. It's a mystery.

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