Free uptime and performance monitoring for any website.

Ever wondered if your website or hosting provider really does have good uptime? Many hosting companies boast a 99.5% to 99.9% uptime guarantee. They supposedly guarantee your website will be up that much or they will compensate you with maybe a free month if they don't meet that figure.

Of course they aren't going to contact you and say hey we could only provide 98.9% uptime for your website this month so we are going to give you a free month. And, many of them try to weasel out of that anyway by claiming some other act of god or out of their hand and control factor. Many of the bigger more established hosts will if you complain enough and if you can provide them with statistics they may be even more likely.

Many people just monitor their uptime out of curiosity, others might because they have been experiencing down time and would like to know how much.

If you would like to monitor your website uptime for free you might be interested in this service by Pingdom.

They have a free option that will monitor 1 website at 1, 5, 15, 30, or 60 minute intervals. If you want to be really accurate you might choose 1 minute checks. 5 minute checks are average and the default choice. 15 minute and above and the accuracy will likely be much less.

You have the option of having an email sent to you if your website is down, how often to send an alert, and if you want to receive a message when your website is back up.

This is a really nice free monitoring resource, which also includes details, statistics, and reports.

If you would like to check it out or signup for Free you can do so by going here:

Scroll down a little until you see the Free Sign Up button

Pingdom Sign up for Free

Once you are signed up, and have updated your preferences, find the Add new check button or link.

Pingdom add new check

Give your check a name like the name of your site maybe. Select the frequency you would like it to check 1 minute through 60 minutes.

Pingdom add new check

Enter your website link/address, if you want to receive a notification and by what means. How often to send notifications if your website is down. Whether you want a notification when your website is back up.

You can use the Test Check button to do a quick check to make sure all is well.

Then, Add Check to finish.

Pingdom add website check

Once Pingdom completes a few checks you will be able to access various reports and details.

Pingdom Reports

There are a number of other settings and configurations you can play around with in your account. For a quick simple uptime and performance test these are all you really need to mess with though.

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