After installing the Orca Forum Module you will notice [[ ]] (Brackets). Like the previous version, you will need to compile the language file. If you are familiar with 6.1.x then you will probably be familiar with this. It is the same concept just a slightly different process and location.

If you are not familiar with Compiling the Language, it is a relatively simple process that only takes a few moments.

First you will need to install the Forum Module from the Modules Menu. From your Admin Panel find the "Tools" and then "Modules" Menu.

Admin Modules



Scroll down until you find the "Orca Forum" module. Simply check the box to select it, then click on the "Install" button.

Install Orca Forum Module



Now at the top of the page you can see the results in "Operation Results".

Orca Forum Results


If you click on the little "Plus" (+) you can see more details of the installation. You should see some green text saying it was Done successful.

Operation Results



Now if you click on the "Modules" Menu link you will notice it says something like _bx_forum. It should say "Orca Forum" so we need to compile the Language.

So click on the "Modules" "_bx_forum" menu link to go to the "Orca Administration" Area.

Orca Administration



You should now be on a page/screen like the following. In order to "Compile" the Language you need to click the [L[Compile Lang:]]en link as pictured here:

Compile Orca Language



Then a message box will pop up and tell you "[L[Language files have been successfully compiled]]".

Successfuly Compiled Message



Now if you go back to the Administration Panel in the "Modules" Menu you will now see that it says "Orca Forum" instead of "_bx_forum". Click on "Orca Forum" to verify that Administration displays correct.

Orca Forum



Now you can see all the Orca Forum Administration links are actually displaying like they are supposed to.

Orca Administration Links



That's it pretty fast and simple!

If you do not compile the "Orca Forum Language" you will see those [[Text]] brackets in various places. Not only in your Administration area, but in the general main page that everyone can see including your guests.

So don't forget to compile them if you see these [[Brackets]] all over.

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Tutorial by: Jeremy LeSarge (AKA Ray)

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