How to change the Meta Description and Meta Keywords:

The Meta Description is what will show up in most search engines so it is a good idea to fill this out if you haven't already. If you decide to change it later you can do so too.

Note: Search engines prefer that you limit your description to 150 characters. Spaces count as a character.

Meta Keywords are somewhat debatable whether they help your site these days. Search engines don't put as much wait or influence on Meta Keywords as they used too. In fact, many sites don't even use them anymore.

Since the option is available in your Admin Panel, why not add them. They need to be comma separated, a single word or phrase. You will probably do better with phrases rather than single words, but feel free to experiment.

Note: Search engines prefer that you limit your keywords or phrases to 10 maximum for best results.

Example single keyword:
boonex, dolphin, resources, tutorials, tips, help

Example keyword phrases:
boonex dolphin resources, dolphin tutorials, etc..etc.

These can be added, changed, and updated in your Admin Panel. Screen shots based on Boonex Dolphin 6.1x.

Simply login to your Admin Panel, find and click the "Settings" link in the menu on the left. Then, find and click on "Meta Tags".


Meta Tags



On the next screen simply fill in your site's "Meta Description" and "Meta Keywords" and save the changes.


Meta Tags



After you save the changes you can simply refresh your homepage. Then, view the source code to verify that you successfully added or updated them.


Check Page Source


If you would like to change the actual "Site Title" then you need to edit the /inc/header.inc.php file manually.

Change your site title:

First backup the file /inc/header.inc.php then open it and find near the top:

$site['ver']               = '6.1';
$site['build']             = '6';
$site['title']             = 'Your old site title';
$site['url']               = "http://www.yoursite.com/";

Simpy change the Title to anything you want like:

$site['ver']               = '6.1';
$site['build']             = '6';
$site['title']             = 'Your new site title';
$site['url']               = "http://www.yoursite.com/";

Then save the changes back to your host or server. Go to your site and simply refresh the page to see and verify the changes.

If you make changes to your "Meta Description", "Meta Keywords", or "Site Title" it will take the search engines like Google to apply the changes. Depending on how often Google comes and crawls your site. It could take a few days, a week, or maybe longer before you see the changes in a Google Search.

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