Every now and then people wonder and ask about where files are actually uploaded to and stored in Dolphin 7. Whether you need to download them, or you just want to figure out where they are stored in Dolphin 7 they are pretty easy to find with a little exploring.

This tutorial maybe should be named Where to find Dolphin 7 uploaded files, Where can I find Dolphin 7 files I uploaded, Where are Dolphin 7 uploaded files located, or something like that. I think you get the idea though.

This is just a brief explanation, tip, or reference for finding uploaded files should you need them for some reason.

You may have noticed a strange address such as:

So you start looking for the directory or folder /m within your dolphin hosting account which you will not find. The real address is kind of disguised, hidden, or rewritten.

Remember when you added and installed Dolphin 7 Modules?

Maybe you installed the Photos, Videos, Files, Avatar, Sounds, etc. Modules from within your Dolphin 7 Administration.

The /m is kind of a clue to where you should look. M for Modules. So you need to look in /modules or yoursite.com/modules directory or folder. If you haven't added any 3rd party modules then you will find only the /boonex directory or folder. Continue into the /boonex directory and you will find all the available Boonex Modules whether you have them all installed or not they will be listed.

So what you have so far is:

Now you simply go into the folder or directory associated with the module you are looking for. Then, find the /data directory, and then in most cases /files.

Common Dolphin 7 storage locations

The current version at the time of this posting is: Dolphin 7.0.8 and these locations will be the same for previous / earlier versions.

So for Photos you would look in:






Basically check the /modules/boonex/module-name/data/ directory,
and the Flash directory: /flash/modules/module-name/files/

You can also check the media directory if you are looking for other images here:

And, of course you can find you template images in the /templates directory such as:

There are a lot of directories / folders in Dolphin 7. In many cases one leads to another and then to another, and you are 4, 5, or more deep before you find what you are looking for.

Last time I checked there was something like 5000+ files and 1000+ directories/folders in Dolphin 7.0.8, which is quite a few.

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Tutorial by: Jeremy LeSarge (AKA Ray)

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