If you have or are upgrading from Dolphin 7.0.0 to Dolphin 7.0.1 you might notice when you navigate to settings for a particular module it may have 2, 3, or more "Available uploaders:" options to tick, check, or select.

This is a bug and each of these should appear on a different module setting in your Dolphin Administration panel not on 1 page.

Each of these uploaders are for different modules.

One should be for the Dolphin 7 Files Module settings, one for Video Module Settings, one for Sounds Module Settings, and one for Photos Module settings area.

It does not seem to affect a fresh Dolphin 7.0.1 install, only upgrading from previous versions.

See image below. If you see more than one in any of your module settings, then this is a problem / bug.

Dolphin 7 Uploaders

This is fairly easy to fix with phpmyadmin available in most host control panels. Since you will be editing your database it is wise and a very good idea to download a database backup prior to proceeding.

Now that you have downloaded your database backup open phpmyadmin and navigate to the table sys_options_cats and click the browse icon to go into the table as pictured here:

phpMyAdmin sys_options_cats

Now if I want to fix the one for Photos Module I locate Photos in the table and note the ID column. In this case, it's 39 see picture:

phpMyAdmin sys_options_cats ID's

Now I need to go to the sys_options table and update the kateg column for bx_video_uploader_switcher with this ID number (39).

First navigate to the sys_options table and click the browse icon:

Browse sys_options Table

Now locate bx_videos_upload_switcher and notice the kateg column says 34. I need to change this to say 39. So click the little pencil icon to edit this.

Edit bx_videos_uploader_switcher

Now I need to change the kateg to 39 and click the "Go" button to save the changes.

Edit kateg

After saving, you can see it has been updated to reflect kateg 39.

bx_videos_uploader_switcher updated

Then just continue updating the others as necessary with the right kateg id number. Just repeat these steps for Photos, Files, and Sound.

Fairly easy and not too time-consuming either.

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Tutorial by: Jeremy LeSarge (AKA Ray)

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