How to fix Boonex Dolphin 7 Spinning Disk, Unclickable Links, Orca Forum, and other Errors.
The spinning disk error or issue has been a fairly common topic and discussion for a while. It can be caused by a variety of issues. From your hosts server setup and configuration, php not compiled properly for Dolphin, and more recently Dolphin 7's template cache feature.

I told myself I wasn't going to mess with the most recent Dolphin 7.0.3 Beta. I generally don't have that much free time for Beta's and they are often more hassle than they are worth. I am not sure why they are releasing Beta's in between stable release for sure. Maybe to cover their tails, or so they don't get as much criticism or flak. I don't know for sure.

Since I haven't messed with one of these Dolphin Beta's in a while I thought what the heck. The Dolphin 7.0.3 Beta installed as expected.

Then, I quickly noticed a few problems or issues. Notably the spinning disk where the BoonEx News would be on the homepage after a default install. Not what I was expecting right off the bat.

I installed several other modules and started browsing around. I quickly noticed on the profile page in the "Post To Wall" and "Wall" comment area where the links for "Write", "Share Link", "Add Photo", "Add Music", and "Add Video" are would not work at all. They weren't even clickable.

Orca Forum would not compile and was all out of whack when using a different template other than the default.

Now I haven't spent a lot of time with this Beta release yet. These are just 3 of the areas I was able to notice and identify right away. There could be other area's affected too.

So I messed with this for a while. It was very annoying and didn't make sense at first, as some previous versions work on the same host and setup.

The problem was Dolphin 7's template cache. In this case, specifically Dolphin 7.0.3 Beta template cache.

To resolve this issue all I needed to do was disable template cache and no more spinning disk, BoonEx News worked, links worked, and Orca forum was compileable with other templates.

After playing with the template cache, what it came down to in my case is the "Enable cache for JS files" and "Enable compression for JS/CS files (cache should be enabled)" would not work no matter what combination I tried.

You should disable them all and then tick or enable one by one until you find the combination that works for your site.

For best results use the Dolphin 7 UNI default template, and clear the Admin Panel cache between each setting just to make sure.

Dolphin 7 (Dolphin 7.0.3 Beta) with Spinning Disk Error on homepage:

Dolphin 7 Spinning Disk Error

After Disabling cache No Spinning Disk Error = BoonEx News Feed working properly:

Dolphin 7 Spinning Disk Error Resolved

Dolphin 7 (Dolphin 7.0.3 Beta) Profile page with Post To Wall un-clickable links:

Dolphin 7 Profile Post To Wall Links Unclickable

After Disabling cache, Post To Wall Links are clickable and work like they should:

Dolphin 7 Profile Post To Wall Links Resolved

Dolphin 7 - Advanced Settings - Template all cache is enabled (causing the problem) by default:

Dolphin 7 Template Cache Settings

Disable all Template Cache by unticking or unchecking and save the changes:

Dolphin 7 Template Cache Disabled

Then clear all Cache in the main Dolphin 7 Admin Dashboard:

Dolphin 7 Admin Clear All Cache

Recheck to see if the spinning disk is still present, unclickable profile Post To Wall links, Orca Forum, etc. Refresh pages and revisit a couple of times.

If the problem, issues, or errors have gone away you might try enabling a few more template cache features one by one until the problem comes back.

Dolphin 7 Template Cache Partially Disabled


After enabling or re-checking one of the cache boxes and saving the changes, be sure you clear all cache in the main Dolphin 7 Dashboard again, and after each change you make.

Don't forget to clear all cache after each change:

Dolphin 7 Admin Clear All Cache

For my setup the problem returns when I enable the cache and/or compression for JS files and JS/CSS, or the bottom 2. Whether that happens to be the same for your setup or not you will have to do some testing and exploring for yourself.

If you mess with the "Template cache engine (other than FileHtml option may require custom server setup):" the options are FileHtml - which is the default, EAccelerator - make sure your hosts server has EAccelerator and it is supported, and  Memcache - again make sure this is supported by your host.

Otherwise leave it at the default "FileHtml" setting, or disable it completely by unchecking or unticking "Enable cache for HTML files" box.

If you have the spinning disk, un-clickable links, or other similar issues mentioned here the simple test is to uncheck or untick all the cache boxes. Save the changes, and clear all cache from the main Dolphin 7 Administration Dashboard.

If disabling cache completely and clearing cache doesn't seem to help, then your host may not be properly configured for dolphin. Double check the Dolphin Technical Requirements page. If they do not meed the minimum requirements it might be worth exploring other Dolphin Hosting companies that can meet them.

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Tutorial by: Jeremy LeSarge (AKA Ray)

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