In order to use the Dolphin 7 RMS feature the service must either be available from your host, or you can use a 3rd party stand alone provider in conjunction with whoever you host with. If you have a VPS or Dedicated Server with root access and privileges you can install your own media server. You can't install RMS on standard shared hosting.

After you install Dolphin 7, you will need to turn on RMS in your administration if you intend to use it assuming your host provides it or you are using a 3rd party. In order to turn it on and enable it first login to your Dolphin 7 administration.

How to turn on and enable Dolphin 7 RMS

Find and navigate to:
-Flash Apps

Then, find and click on the "Settings" icon link on the right side of the screen.

Dolphin 7 Flash Apps Module

A window will open or appear where you can enter the details that your host or RMS provider must give you. It looks like this:

Dolphin 7 RMS Settings

To turn on and enable RMS you must tick or check the box "Use RMS"
The RMS Address will be an ip address that your provider gives you
The default RMS Port is 1935
The default HTTP Port is 5080
Click Save
And you are done.

Unless your provider has changed the ports the only thing you generally need to enter is an ip address and check the box that says enable RMS.

It would look something like this:

Dolphin 7 RMS Settings

There are a few hosts and providers that occasionally use different ports. If they do just enter what they tell you and save the changes.

There really isn't much to enabling RMS in Dolphin 7 Administration.

Installing it on your own VPS or Dedicated Server isn't too difficult if you have server administration experience. If you don't know that much about servers and administration it can be a bit on the confusing side. You can also find and pay someone to install it for you if you have a VPS or Dedicated server.

Check out the list of Dolphin Hosting providers. Some include RMS and others do not.
Dolphin Hosting Providers

Also check out this list of stand alone 3rd party providers if you already have hosting.
Dolphin RMS Providers

To install your own RMS on a VPS or Dedicated Server please see this article over at Boonex for complete instructions:
Media Server (RMS) Installation Guide

RMS isn't required to use Dolphin, but if you want to use the audio / video features associated with chat and IM, or if you want to play with the whiteboard you will need it.

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