With the recent release of Dolphin 7 RC I will be adding additonal articles for this version in the very future.

I will slowly build this section up over time. Once the stable version is released and it becomes the standard download I will be spending more time with it.

In the meantime I will continue running and playing around with version 6.1x.

I am also hopeful that there will be a decent relatively bug free option to upgrade from version 6.1x to 7. However, I personally will be waiting until the stable version is released.

There will be a lot of additional planning involved for a site that is established such as this one. Some of the link structure is different in Dolphin 7 than what it is in 6.1x. So if you have an established site, like this one that Google, Yahoo, MSN/Live/Bing have indexed as well as anywhere else there is additional planning involved so you do not lose it all. Usually redirecting with .htaccess from the old link to the new structure is sufficient, but it is worth the extra time to make sure everything is in order. I know it is exciting and all, but you certainly don't want to lose all your hard work where visitors are involved.

If you have a new site, or your site really isn't established yet you probably don't have as much to lose. If you do make sure you think about this and plan for it before just jumping into it.

Additionally, if you have a 6.1x site that you are hoping to upgrade that has modifications, customizations, or other alterations, it is likely that you will lose them. A test install / upgrade would be worth performing in another location in your hosting account to determine the outcome prior to applying it to a live and active site.

Please check back here in the near future for more Articles!

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Tutorial by: Jeremy LeSarge (AKA Ray)

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