If you are new to Dolphin 7 you might find yourself wanting to change a few things. Some of those changes might be quick and simple in the Dolphin 7 Administration area. Others may require you to edit .css, .php, .js, .html, or other files. Occasionally you will come across something that will require you to actually modify, edit, or makes some changes to the database directly.

The preferred and easier method, especially for those new to Dolphin would be through the Administration area.

There is a lot of things you can change by simply editing the Language Settings in the Administration Panel. A lot of text you see on your site is stored in a Language Key. All you have to do is find it, edit / change it, and save the changes. You won't be able to change every single thing you can think of, but a lot more than you might think.

So if you login to your Dolphin 7 Administration Panel and navigate to Settings, then Languages Settings you will be able to search the Language Keys you are interested in changing.

In this first example I will search for something easy I might want to change like the Copyright 2010 Your Company at the bottom of your site.

I simply go to Settings, Languages Settings, and find the "Look for:" field. I simply enter copyright and check the "apply" box.

Once the results are returned I see a Language key: _copyright (System) Edit

Language Key Search

All I need to do is click on the "Edit" and a window will open. You can simply change the Your Company to whatever you want. Do not change the {0} as that calls the Year 2010, unless you really want to. Then, just click the "Save" button, and then refresh your page.

Save Changes

Pretty simple and not much to it.

Now say I wanted to change my Dolphin 7 FAQ page.

Same thing I just enter faq in the "Look for:" field, and check the "apply" box.

Once the results are returned you will see several FAQ keys. Simply click on the "Edit" link to change any of them you want. It will be fairly apparent when the new window opens what each key is for.

FAQ Lanugage Key Search

_FAQ (System) = Top Navigation Menu Text/Link
_FAQ_H (System) = Page Title
_FAQ_H1 (System) = Page Header
_FAQ_INFO (System) = Actual faq.php content/text

There is no reason that they have to say FAQ. If one wanted the navigation link, page title, page header, and content on the actual faq.php page to say something other than FAQ you can do so. Maybe you want them to say Info or whatever. There is nothing that says you can't change the Language Key's to say and contain whatever you want.


This is meant to be a very brief intro to how the Dolphin Language Key's work and what you can do to edit and change them.

You can make many changes to your site by simply searching the language key's in your Dolphin 7 Administration and editing the language key's.

If you do a little thinking, exploring, testing, and even a little playing around you might be surprised how much you can change and how simple it can be to do so.


When editing the language key's you will be making changes to your database. For most this is not a big deal or problem, but if you really aren't sure about what you are doing you should probably download a database backup just in case.

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Tutorial by: Jeremy LeSarge (AKA Ray)

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