Maybe you want to add Google Adsense ads on your site. Provide banner advertising, promote an affiliate, or other programs on your web site.

If the particular program provides a link to the banner ad you can simply insert the full code into the "Text" area box.

Same with Google Adsense. Just add your code in the "Text" area box.

If you have or want to serve and host your own banners, then you can create a folder or directory in your hosting account. Such as:

So it would look like:

Then, upload your banners to that directory or folder.

Just to make things a little prettier you might center up the banners with:
<center></center> tags.

So your code would look something like:
<!--Banner Code / Link Code-->

Login to your Dolphin Administration and find:

Dolphin 7 Banners

I will enter details for Boonex Affiliate program code here from my account. I get the code from my Boonex Affiliate Account. I just need to select the code and copy it for the particular banner I want like so:

Boonex Affiliate

Then, in the Dolphin Manage Banners Administration area I will paste this code into the text area.

Title: Boonex Banner (This is what displays in Manage Banners for you to remember.)
URL: Leave Blank
Active: Checked.
Text: Paste your code into this box. Add the <center></center> tags if you wish to center it on the page. You can see the Boonex Affiliate code in this example.

Start date: Is pre-selected at 2008
Expiration date: Is also pre-selected at 2015 (change this if you need it to end after a specific date.)

Dolphin 7 Ad Banner Code

Scroll down a little further.

Now we can select the location on the page. I will tick or check the "Top" box for this example.

Then, submit to finish.

Dolphin 7 Ad Banner Code

Now at the top of the Manage banners page you can see the "Boonex Banner" and stats.

Dolphin 7 Manage Banners

And if I visit the homepage of the site, now I can see the Boonex banner near the top and centered on the page.

Dolphin 7 Banners

Now let's add a Google Adsense ad. You should already have a Google Adsense account and get the code from inside your Google account.

Title: Google Adsense 468x60 (Something distinct to remember what it is.)
URL: Leave Blank
Active: Checked
Text: Paste your Google Adsense code into here. Add <center></center> tags if you wish to center it.
Start Date: Pre-selected for 2008
Expiration Date: Preselected to end in 2015. (Change if necessary)

Dolphin 7 Google Adsense Code

Scroll down a little more and choose the position on the page:
Position on the page: I will choose "Top" again.

Then, click submit.

Dolphin 7 Google Adsense Code

Visit and refresh your home page a few times and you should see the banners near the top of the page change or rotate from one to another.

Dolphin 7 Google Adsense Home Page

Maybe you want to add your own banner of some kind. Let's assume we created a folder or directory and uploaded it to /banners/banner-image.jpg (http://www.yoursite.com/banners/banner-image.jpg)

Then we might add something like the following:

Title: Your Banner Ad
URL: Leave blank
Active: Checked
Text: Your actual banner and image code.
Start Date: Is preselected again for 2008
Expiration Date: Is also preselected to end in 2015 (Change if necessary.)

Dolphin 7 Banners

Scroll down, to choose the location to display it again.

I will choose the Top position again.

Position on the page: "Top" checked.
Click on Submit.

Dolphin 7 Banners

Now you will have 3 banner ads near the top of your pages that will randomly rotate from one to another.

You can see in your Dolphin Administration Manage banners near the top each of the banners we added. The title (description) I gave them, how many click and how many impressions they have.

You can click on "Preview" to make sure it looks right. Click on "Edit" to make some changes. Or, "Delete" to remove it completely.

Dolphin 7 Banners Stats

Add more banners, add banners to the other locations, etc.

The top location is a good choice. It is more apparent and obvious so people will see it and potentially visit the advertisement.

Sometimes people never scroll to the bottom of the page, so you will likely have less clicks.

The left and right positions will sometimes display out of whack. You will want to do some extensive testing when using the left and right banner positions.

The top and bottom positions display best.

If you are having trouble with code you post into the "Text" area box being stripped out, then you should check your Dolphin 7 security settings.

You can do so by going to Dolphin 7 Admininistration panel and find:
-Advanced Settings

Then, in the center of the screen find and open "Other".

Dolphin 7 Advanced Settings

Scroll down until you find:
Total security impact threshold to send report:
Total security impact threshold to send report and block aggressor:

Dolphin 7 Security Impact Settings

You can disable this or turn it off by setting them both to -1 like so:

Dolphin 7 Security Impact Settings

If you have any of the Anti-spam features or Askimet enable in Dolphin 7.0.4 and above you may need to adjust them temporarily as well.

If this is your case once you finish adding your banners you can re-enable or turn them back on when you are done.

Written By
Tutorial by: Jeremy LeSarge (AKA Ray)

I am the owner and administrator of DialMe.com. I write Tutorials for Boonex Dolphin as well as tips and resources surrounding website programming and development. I enjoy working with WordPress, SEO, and Web Hosting / Servers. I also maintain a WordPress Blog here on this site where you will find a variety of technology and webmaster resources.

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