Another thing some sites want to do occasionally is to remove the comment point's options from the Dolphin comment area. Some people like them, and others don't.

One of the fairly easy ways to do away with them is to just hide them with .css. You could go through a bunch of .php and .js code and hope you find what you are looking for, but that can be time-consuming not to mention a big hassle.

Current Boonex Dolphin Version at the time of this post is:
Dolphin 7.0.9

First download and backup:

Then, open the /templates/base/css/cmts.css with your favorite text editor or your hosts file manager.


div.cmt-buttons {      
/*position: relativ_e;*/
float: left;


div.cmt-buttons {      
/*position: relativ_e;*/
float: left;

Save the changes back to your hosting account.

Be sure to clear the Dolphin 7 cache for the changes to take effect.

Refresh a page or post to verify.

The drawback is if you need to upgrade it is likely you would need to re-apply the changes after doing so. However, this is a fairly fast and simple one to do again if necessary.


Comment Points

After Changing:

Comment Points Removed

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Tutorial by: Jeremy LeSarge (AKA Ray)

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