Are you trying to add Google Adsense code or other html based code to a Dolphin 7 html block without any luck?

What is probably happening is Dolphin 7 is stripping out some of the html code that it thinks could be potentially dangerous. It is sort of a protection feature and it can be fairly strict at what it strips or removes.

It could also be possible that you are adding your code wrong or you have non-working code to begin with.

The following will show you how to add custom html code to a new Dolphin 7 html block. It will also show you how to manually add your html code to your database in the event your code is being stripped by Dolphin.

Before proceeding you should download a backup of your database.

After backing up your database login to your Dolphin 7 administration and navigate to:
-Advanced Settings

Then, find "Security" in the center of the page and expand it using the arrow on the right side of the page.

Make sure "Total security impact threshold to send report" and "Total security impact threshold to send report and block aggressor" both say -1 like:

Dolphin 7 Settings Advanced Settings

In this example I will add a new html block to the homepage using the page builders. As you can see I have selected the Homepage in the drop down near the top left.

Then, I will drag the HTML Block from the Samples up to the Active Blocks.

Dolphin 7 Page Builder

And, there it is in the Active Blocks area.

Dolphin 7 Html Block

Now click on the center of the HTML Block and a window like this will open. To paste your html code you need to find and click on the little HTML icon as pictured:

Edit Html Source

This will open another window "HTML Source Editor". You just paste you code into here and click the update button. I am using/pasting in a sample of Google Adsense code in this example.

Edit Html Source Editor

Now you will be back to this screen or window. Simply enter you "Caption Lang Key" (what you want the title of the html block to be and click the save button. In this example I am using Sponsored Links.

Caption Lang Key

Now you can see the HTML Block now says Sponsored Links.

Html Block Updated

It is also a good idea to just move the block down one spot and then back to make sure it fully updates.

Here I have moved the new Sponsored Links block down one position.

Move Block Down

And, now I have moved it back up to make sure it has updated.

Move Block Back

Now if Dolphin has not stripped any of my Google Adsense html code I should see it on my homepage like so:

Working Html Block

If Dolphin is stripping, removing, or changing some of the Google Adsense html code you will likely see something more like this:

Html Block Stripped

If Dolphin is stripping your html code:

You can follow the above steps to first add and create a new html block in your Dolphin 7 administration page builders. Add a new html block to the page you want, add your "Caption Lang Key" (what you want the title of the html block to be, save it and move it to the location you want.

Then we will need to manually add the html code part to our database using phpmyadmin, which is available in most hosting control panels.

Login to your hosts control panel, find, locate, and open phpmyadmin.

Locate phpMyAdmin

Select your Dolphin database from the list or drop down list on the left.

Locate your Dolphin 7 database

Scroll down the list of table until you find "sys_page_compose" and click the browse button / icon.


Since you added your new page block using your admin panel it will be on the last page. Find "Page number" on the right side of the page and select the last page. In this example it is page 4.

Navigate to last page

Now scroll to the bottom of the page and find your new html block. And, there it is as you can see "Sponsored Links" on the index (homepage).

Click the pencil looking icon / edit.

Find your Html Block

Find the "Content" area. Highlight and paste your new html code into here and click the "Go" button to save the changes.

Paste your html code

Now to update the changes you will need to go back to your Dolphin 7 page builder and move the block around.

Simply drop the Sponsored Links block down one position.

Move Block Down

Then, move it back up to where you want it.

Move Block Back

Now just refresh you page in this case the homepage to see the changes.

We should see our Google Adsense ads or whatever html code it is you are trying to add.

Working Html Block


If you are manually adding html using phpmyadmin and you need or want to make changes you will need to do so with phpmyadmin in the future. Then, move the block around in your admin panel to update.

Do not click on the html block and try to edit it from within your admin panel as it will just strip the code again. You will need to make changes with phpmyadmin from then on.

You can move the block around using your Dolphin 7 admin panel page builder though.

This is not Google Adsense specific. You can use this tutorial to add other html content or code to a html block that is getting stripped by Dolphin.

Be Sure To:

Backup your database prior to doing this as you are manually making changes to your database.

If you do not understand this or you are not comfortable with phpmyadmin, then don't do it.

Current Dolphin version at the time of this posting is: Dolphin 7.0.6

Written By
Tutorial by: Jeremy LeSarge (AKA Ray)

I am the owner and administrator of DialMe.com. I write Tutorials for Boonex Dolphin as well as tips and resources surrounding website programming and development. I enjoy working with WordPress, SEO, and Web Hosting / Servers. I also maintain a WordPress Blog here on this site where you will find a variety of technology and webmaster resources.

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