If you are trying to change your Dolphin 7 Orca Forum background color, text, colors, etc. most of this can be done by means of editing .css. However, it is a little confusing and there is a specific procedure you should follow. If you do not follow these steps either nothing will happen or you will think it worked, but later loose your changes.

If your host or server is setup or configured with php as apache module files will get owned by the server, 99'd, nobody, etc. What this means is they were generated or created by the Dolphin Script.

If your host or server is setup or configured with suphp, cgi, fast cgi, etc. files and folders will remain owned by your account. In this case, you would be able to make changes directly with a ftp client.

Regardless of the setup your host uses you should follow this procedure so you do not lose or accidentally overwrite your work later, which can and does happen fairly regularly.

Your main Dolphin 7 Orca Forum .css files will be located and stored in:

Inside the /base folder you will find the css folder or directory that contains blank.css and main.css

You can download and/or open either of these files up with a text editor or file manager.

Make your changes to either of these files and save the changes back to your hosting / server account overwriting the original.

It's probably a good idea to keep a copy of the original files in case you mess up. Or you can get the original files from the dolphin 7 .zip download should you need them for some reason.

Now that you saved the changes back to your host and you refresh your Dolphin 7 Orca Forum you are probably wondering why nothing seems to have happened.

This is because the changes have not been written to the folder Dolphin is trying to read from.

To finish the process and write these files to /base_en you simply need to login to your Dolphin 7 Admin Panel. Then, navigate to Modules...Orca Forum.

Dolphin 7 Modules Orca

Find and click on Compile Language:en to update and make the changes happen.

Compile Orca Language

Once you click on the Compile Language:en your changes will be written to the /base_en folder or directory.

Now you can refresh your forum and you should see your changes have updated.

You must:

  • 1. Edit or change them in /base folder directory only.
  • 2. After making changes to files in /base compile Orca Forum Language using Dolphin Admin panel.
  • 3. Refresh your Forum to see changes.
  • 4. Repeat these steps after each change or additional changes.

(Always compile the Orca Language after each change or edit. Do Not forget this part!)

What you should not do:
Do not edit the files in /base_en directly. Edit or change the /base folder or directory files. Then, compile the Orca Forum language.

For those that have php as apache module you will not be able to edit files in /base_en anyway. They will be owned by the server and you will get a denied, access denied, forbidden, or similar message.

For those that have suphp, cgi, fast cgi, etc. you can edit files in /base_en because they will not be owned by the server. No matter how tempting or who tells you to edit them...DO NOT do this.

Why you do not want to edit or change files in /base_en even if you can with suphp or cgi servers / hosts:

If you can change the files in /base_en for your setup you do not want to do this. The main reason is that if you do it will appear that your changes worked. However, if you didn't change them in /base and as time goes by you decide to login to your Dolphin 7 admin panel and compile the Orca language for some reason, you will overwrite your changes with the unedited, unchanged, original /base files. Basically erasing or wiping your work with one little click.

If someone tells you to just edit the /base_en files it is probably because they have a suphp, cgi, or fast cgi setup that allows them to edit these files and folders directly.

They do not realize that once they click on compile Orca Forum language they will be over written with the ones in /base.

Sometimes this isn't apparent right away. It appears to work and look the way you want it for a while because you haven't compiled the Orca Language in a while. Once you do by...by...there goes all your changes.

So be sure sure to follow the 4 steps above regardless of the type of hosting setup or configuration you have. It will work for all of them. If you follow those steps you will not have any problems.

Written By
Tutorial by: Jeremy LeSarge (AKA Ray)

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