If you visit or browse (yoursite.com/browse.php) your members page (people) you will notice that when you hover your mouse over a member for approximately 3 seconds a little window will open with more details and options. By default Dolphin 7 is configured and set for this to happen after 3 seconds has gone by. Keep in mind you may see slight delay so the numbers or time is not always exact or perfect. Part of that can be attributed to what is happening on your server. It is usually fairly close though.

Dolphin 7 Profile Pop Up Info

If you would like to increase or decrease the time before this box or window is displayed you can easily change this in your Dolphin 7 Administration panel.

Simply login to your admin panel and navigate to:
-Advanced Settings

Then, open or expand the Profiles section and find:
Timeout before displaying profile info(in seconds):

Dolphin 7 Advanced Settings

As you can see in the screen shot it is set for 3 seconds by default. If you want it to open up sooner you can set it to 1 (1 second). If you don't want it to open or display at all you can increase the setting to a large number such as 600 or maybe 6000 seconds. With a very high setting the chances of someone leaving the page open and their mouse hovered over a member for that amount of time is extremely unlikely.

Be sure to save the changes, and just to make sure the changes update and are applied you might consider clearing your Dolphin 7 cache.

Dolphin 7 Clear Cache

At the time this tutorial was posted the current Dolphin version is:
Dolphin 7.0.9

This particular feature has been available in all Dolphin 7 versions.

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Tutorial by: Jeremy LeSarge (AKA Ray)

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