I just noticed a problem with the "Invite a Friend" link. It works fine in the Dolphin area, but if you go to your Orca Forum and, then try to click on "Invite a Friend" link in the top header links area you will get a 404 Page Not Found Error.

I can't believe I didn't actually notice this sooner. I guess it's not one of the links I tend to click on very often.

Anyway rather than try to run through a bunch of code and figure out where the potential problem is a quick simple fix is just to add a redirect to your .htaccess file.

Example yoursite.com/.htaccess add the following:

Redirect temp /orca/tellfriend.php http://www.yoursite.com/tellfriend.php


Redirect 301 /orca/tellfriend.php http://www.yoursite.com/tellfriend.php

(obviously replace the yoursite.com part with your actual site name.)

Some say google prefers you to use a permanent 301 redirect, but that's up to you.

This is even present at boonex.us

First go:

Click on the "Invite a friend" Link and it works fine.

But if you go to the forums:

And try to do the same thing click on the "Invite a friend" Link you will get a 404 error page not found.


I just checked about 6-8 other Dolphin 6.1x sites and it's present on all of them.

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Tutorial by: Jeremy LeSarge (AKA Ray)

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