Add the option to "Delete" messages/mail from your outbox in Dolphin 6.1.

For some reason there is no option to delete messages from a members outbox. Eventually they do get deleted by cron based on your "Database Pruning" Settings in your Admin Panel:
Clean old messages ( days ) 180 days etc.

So if you add this option to allow a member to manually delete their own messages in the outbox you may want to increase the Clean old messages ( days ) in the "Database Pruning" to a much larger number. This way the system wont delete something for them. Maybe a number like 999 days or something.

Here is a before picture:
Outbox Before

And a after picture with the modifications:
Outbox After

You can read about this in this Boonex Unity Blog post by mrpowless and MichelSwiss:

If anyone is not totally sure how to apply this modification and would rather just download it you can do so here:

Download the mail.zip - already edited/modded.

This is for Dolphin Version 6.1x

Just be sure to back up your original mail.php file at yoursite.com/mail.php or rename it to mail-bk.php or similar.

Then just upload the one in the above zip file to your main Dolphin directory such as yoursite.com/mail.php

Login or refresh your outbox page when logged in as a member to see the changes.

You can now manually delete your own outbox messages.

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Tutorial by: Jeremy LeSarge (AKA Ray)

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