Changing the name of the orca folder V6.1.4

This is a pretty nifty one by lancashiredates at boonex unity full credit goes to him on this one.

For those of you that would rather have yoursite.com/forums instead of yoursite.com/orca

This is for Dolphin 6.1.4 but if you look around lancashiredates has some posts for previous versions too.

You can read his forum post here:

And lancashiredates at boonex unity here:

To change folder orca to forums. version 6.1.4

    * IMPORTANT !! Make Back Ups of all original Files and DataBase.

    * In file orca/xml/config.php change;

$path = BX_DIRECTORY_PATH_ROOT . 'orca/'; // path to orca files


$path = BX_DIRECTORY_PATH_ROOT . 'forums/'; // path to orca files


and change;

$gConf['url']['base'] = $site['url'] . 'orca/'; // base url


$gConf['url']['base'] = $site['url'] . 'forums/'; // base url


    * In groups/orca/xml/config.php change:

$gConf['dir']['config'] = $path . '../../orca/conf/params.conf'; // config


$gConf['dir']['config'] = $path . '../../forums/conf/params.conf'; // config


$gConf['dir']['langs'] = $path . '../../orca/xml/langs/'; // lang files locaiton


$gConf['dir']['langs'] = $path . '../../forums/xml/langs/'; // lang files locaiton


    * Then Rename the orca folder to forums and change links in ADMIN PANEL - Navigation Menu Builder - Forums.


    * Then phpmyadmin your data base : on Tables;


AdminMenu - Orca Forum edit the url from ../orca/ to ../forums/

SiteStat - tps edit UserLink from orca to forums

SiteStat - pts edit UserLink from orca to forums


    * After this in ADMIN PANEL - Navigation Menu Builder under forums replace the items with new ie Search, My Topics and My Flags and edit urls to reflect new paths as the original ones are not editable.


Don't forget to change your RSS urls accordingly and RECOMPILE LANGUAGES


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Tutorial by: Jeremy LeSarge (AKA Ray)

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