How to change your site title and site email address.

This gets asked quite frequently. How do I change the title of my website? And how do I change my site's email address? (for things such as error reports and when someone sends you a message using contact.php).

Back up the original file from your host:

Find and edit:
$site['ver'] = '6.1';
$site['build'] = '4';
$site['title'] = 'Your site title';
$site['url'] = "http://www.yourdolphinsite.com/";

Change the 'Your site title'; to anything you want such as:
$site['title'] = 'My New Dolphin Site';

Save header.inc.php and reupload.

You may also at some point wish to change the email addresses you were asked for during install. You will find this in the same file /inc/header.inc.php a little further down in the file.

$site['email'] = "admin@yoursite.com";
$site['email_notify'] = "admin@yoursite.com";
$site['bugReportMail'] = "admin@yoursite.com";

Simply change the address/addresses to your liking.

Save header.inc.php and reupload.

You will also find you database name, database user, and database password in this file if you ever need to change this information.

And the paths to php, and imagemagik can also be changed here if need be.

$MOGRIFY = "/usr/bin/mogrify";
$CONVERT = "/usr/bin/convert";
$COMPOSITE = "/usr/bin/composite";
$PHPBIN = "/usr/local/bin/php";

I hope this helps a few. Good Luck and have fun!!
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Tutorial by: Jeremy LeSarge (AKA Ray)

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