There are a couple places you can change your Dolphin 7 forum titles. For some reason there a number of references to Orca / Orca Forum you might want to change.

Open: /modules/boonex/forum/inc/header.inc.php

Near the top find:

global $gConf;

$gConf['ver'] = 'Orca-v.2.0.2';
$gConf['def_title'] = 'Orca :: Interactive Forum Script';
$path = ''; // path to orca files

Change to: (Your Forum Title (Can be anything you want.)

global $gConf;

$gConf['ver'] = 'Orca-v.2.0.2';
$gConf['def_title'] = 'Your Forum Title';
$path = ''; // path to orca files

Save changes back to your host / account.

Refresh your forum, clear cache in Dolphin 7 Administration as necessary.

Your Forum Categories / Topics will also have the Orca Forum in your web browser title bar like so: Category Name :: Orca Forum

To do away with this and change it to match your Forum Title you will need to open the following:

(Where en.php is the language file. In this case en is english. If you use another, then you may need to change or edit it too.)

Open the file and near the top find:

'Orca Forum' => ':: Orca Forum',

Change to:

'Orca Forum' => ':: Your Forum',

Then further down in the file find:

'add this to title' => ' :: Orca Forum ',

Change to:

'add this to title' => ' :: Your Forum ',

Then go to your Dolphin 7 Administration, find the modules, Orca Forum, and then click on the Compile Language:en link.

Compile Orca Language

If you cannot edit the en.php file then it's possible the file is 99'd or owned by the server. If this is your case, then download the file to your local pc. Make the changes locally. Then, use your hosts file manager to upload the file back to your account overwriting the original. This will usually allow you to overwrite files that are 99'd owned by the server. Then, compile the Orca Forum language file from your Administration panel.

Refresh and/or browse around your forum to verify the changes.

It is sometimes necessary to clear /cache_public and /cache folders/directories for the changes to update.

In fact it needs to be done so often after making changes with Dolphin 7 that I have made a habit of doing so after making changes just to make sure.

While you are there in /modules/boonex/forum/integrations/base/langs/en.php there are a few others you might have a look at if you are interested in changing Orca related language strings.

There is also a couple Orca Forum Language Keys you can find by searching your Dolphin 7 Administration Settings...Languages Settings if interested.

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Tutorial by: Jeremy LeSarge (AKA Ray)

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