Have you ever wondered how to change the Forums Spy (a real-time view of activity) text?

For Dolphin Version 6.1x with Orca 2.0x

This one is very simple and easy too.

Navigate to:


Download the file and backup the original to your local pc. Then open the file with your favorite text editor and find near the top around line #56-57:
'Forums Spy' => 'Forums Spy (a real-time view of activity)',

Change to whatever you want such as:
'Forums Spy' => 'Hot Topics (a real-time view of activity)',

Change to something catchy or that matches your site better.

Save file and reupload overwriting the original. You made a backup so we can simply re-overwrite with the original if we need to.

Now login to your Dolphin Admin Panel and find the Plugins...Orca Forum Link on the left column.

You should see Forum Index (Manage Forum | Reported Posts | Compile Languages: en)

Now simply click on the little "en" to Re-Comple the Laguage changes we just uploaded.

Simply refresh or re-navigate to the forums to see the changes.

Additionally if you look at this same file you will see many more Language Keys for the Orca Forums you might like to change.

Same process, just make the changes. Save the file, re-upload over-writing the original.

It is important that you do go back to your Admin Panel, Plugins...Orca Forum and click the "en" to recompile the changes you make. If you forget you will not see any changes until you complete this step.
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Tutorial by: Jeremy LeSarge (AKA Ray)

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