How to Edit or change Dolphin 7's Hello Guest or Hello Member area.

Someone asked about this a while back. This is rather simple. I wasn't sure if I should add it as a tutorial, but that's where I am putting it.

When a visitor or guest arrives at your site they will see Hello Guest! near the top right corner of your Dolphin 7 site. If you want to change the just the Hello part to something like Welcome, so it would say Welcome Guest! we can do this fast and easy. If you want it to say Hello Alien! no problem. Or if you want to change both such as Welcome Alien!

All you need to do is edit and change the language key that controls this in your Dolphin 7 Administration.

Login to your Dolphin 7 Administration and navigate to Settings...Language Settings.

To change the Hello part simply enter "hello" into the "Look for:" text area and tick the "apply" box. Once the results are returned you will see _Hello_member (System) Edit

Hello Language Key

This is for the Hello part. Click the Edit link and a window will open. It will look like: Hello, <b>{0}</b>!

Language Key Edit

Just change the Hello, part to whatever you want. In this case, I will change it to Welcome,

You do not want to change anything else on the line. Only the "Hello," part. The <b>{0}</b>! is for logged in members. Remove that part and members will not see their member name when logged in. Then, just click the Save button to save the changes.

Language Key Edit Welcome

When I refresh my page I will see: Welcome, Guest!

Welcome Guest

Now to change the guest part we just enter into the "Look for:" text area guest and tick the apply box. Once the results of this one are returned you will see several in the list. You want the _sys_breadcrumb_guest (System) Edit.

Hello Guest

Click on the Edit link and a window will open again. This time it will say only: Guest

Guest Language Key

Just change Guest to say whatever you want. In this example I will change it to: Alien and click the Save button.

Hello Alien

Now when I refresh my page I get Hello, Alien!

Hello Alien

Change one or the other, or change them both if that is what you are after. Come back later and change it something else even.

You can find the actual code at the very bottom of: /templates/base/scripts/BxBaseMenu.php which looks like:

            $sAddons = _t('_Hello member', $aProfile['NickName']);
            $sAddons .= ' <a href="' . $this->sSiteUrl . 'member.php">' . _t('_sys_breadcrumb_account') . '</a>';
            $sAddons .= ' <a href="' . $this->sSiteUrl . 'logout.php">' . _t('_sys_breadcrumb_logout') . '</a>';
        else {
            $sAddons = _t('_Hello member', _t('_sys_breadcrumb_guest'));
            $sAddons .= ' <a href="' . $this->sSiteUrl . 'join.php">' . _t('_sys_breadcrumb_join') . '</a>';
            $sAddons .= ' <a href="javascript:void(0)" onclick="showPopupLoginForm(); return false;">' . _t('_sys_breadcrumb_login') . '</a>';

The first part is for when members are logged in they will see their Member Name (NickName - code above).

The second part is for Guests.

If you have a need to change the language keys, links, add or edit the code this is where you can find it.

This is a relatively simple process of just editing Language Keys. Keep in mind you can change a lot of text for your Dolphin 7 site by simply searching the Language Keys, and then editing them the same way. Use your imagination, and if there is text or a text phrase you would like to change the first place to begin looking is in the Language Keys.

If you are looking to change the color of the text, then you will need to edit .css files in your template directory/folder.

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Tutorial by: Jeremy LeSarge (AKA Ray)

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