One of the nice features you have available for your Dolphin 7 site is the ability to add your Boonex Affiliate ID to the footer links if you are using the free version.

You can find and enter your Affiliate ID in your Dolphin 7 Administration under Settings...Advanced Settings...Variables, then enter "My BoonEx Affiliate ID:" Obviously enter your ID number after signing up as a Boonex Affiliate.

Enter your Boonex Affiliate number into Dolphin 7 Administration:

Enter ID Number in Dolphin 7 Administration

Footer Links Before:

Dolphin 7 Footer Links Before

Footer Links After: (Notice the Affiliate ID number is appended to the footer links)

Dolphin 7 Footer Links After

After entering your Affiliate ID, the Boonex links in your Dolphin 7 footer will be appended with your affiliate tracking code automatically. What this means is if someone clicks on one of the Boonex links in your footer you can earn a commission of 20% if the person buys a license.

You can signup for the Boonex Affiliate program here:
Join Boonex Affiliate Program

20% doesn't sound like a lot, but keep in mind many will purchase the lifetime license for $ 299 and 20% of that is: $ 59.80.

There are a couple of drawbacks to the Affiliate program. You need to earn $ 300 in commissions before Boonex will pay you. Which is quite a bit. Most affiliate programs require $ 50-$ 100 in earnings before you can get paid. So this is above-average compared to other programs.

The other is since the most common license is $ 299 it means that you will need 6 lifetime license sales commissions to get paid. 5 sales commissions falls conveniently short: 5 x $ 59.80 = $ 299. Just 1 whole dollar short.

Most likely it was set this way and to the rather large non-industry standard amount of $ 300 to make it more difficult for some people to reach this amount.

If you are a developer, programmer, or know a few people that might be interested in Dolphin it is possible to make a few $'s with the affiliate program. Have your friends, family, clients, or whoever use your affiliate link when applicable to earn a little.

You probably won't get rich, and it might take a long time to generate $ 300 in commissions depending on what you are into, but you never know who will take an interest in Dolphin. If you are a developer, programmer, or intend to work with Dolphin more than the average user you might check the program out.

If you are using the free version of Dolphin with Boonex links in the footer, why not add an affiliate ID in your administration panel since the links are there anyway.

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