Login to your Dolphin Admin Panel and find the Plugins...Ray Suite on the left column as pictured.

Ray Suite

Find and click on the "Base Settings" in the top right corner as pictured.

Ray Base Settings

If you haven't touched any of these settings you will be presented with the following default standard settings as pictured.

Ray Default Base Settings

These are the standard settings for Dolphin 6.1x with the FREE Ray 3.5x Version.
Use RMS: checked (enabled)
RMS Address: rms.boonex.com
RMS Port: 10000
RMS HTTP Port: 10080

If you are using the previous version of Dolphin 6.0x with Ray 3.0x/3.1x you would see something more like:

Ray Default Base Settings

Use RMS: Checked (enabled)
RMS Address: rms.boonex.com
RMS Port: 1935
RMS HTTP Port: 5080

If you decide to go with a 3rd party service, which is highly recommended for Dolphin 6.1.x the provider you decide to go with will most likely send you a set of different numbers you will need to enter into this screen so your website can communicate with their RMS Server.

In this example we have checked use RMS(enabled), the address the provider has given us is, RMS Port 15000, and RMS HTTP Port 12080. Don't forget to save your changes. Your site name is not necessary and often times you actually need to omit this, or leave it blank as pictured.

Ray RMS New Settings

After you have saved the changes it is recommended that you sign out of your Dolphin Admin panel, then close all browser windows, tabs, and screens completely to clear out any temp memory or cache.

Then open up your favorite browser again and login to you site as a member.

In order to test this without having 2 members signed in, you can just go to the profile video area after signing in as a member. Or to the chat area of your site.

In order to test 2 way communication such as chat or instant messenger you will need to sign in as 2 separate members. For this it is best to use internet explorer or 2 separate computers. Firefox often will consider you the same member if you attempt to test with Firefox.

If sucessful you should be able to have a 2 way communication with audio and video, if at least 1 of you, and preferably both have a web cam and microphone.

If unsuccessful instant messenger will kind of be caught in a loop. Where if you try to message the other member, and they accept and reply back and you get a prompt saying you are offline, you may need to double check your settings and verify that you properly saved everything as mentioned above.

Once set up with a decent provider and you have a decent internet connection such as dsl or cable internet, you should see almost instant results, and not more than a second or two to connect to the 3rd party RMS.

If you have any kind of ip blocking setup or enabled at the hosting level be sure that your provider does not fall into your list of blocked ip rules. If so remove them and/or add their ip to the allowed rules.

Good Luck and I hope this helps a few folks!!
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Tutorial by: Jeremy LeSarge (AKA Ray)

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