You Have Auto-Approve Setup, but Profile Background Pictures Still Show in Admin Panel.

When a user uploads a profile background in the customize profile area it does automatically upload and activate, but for some reason it still shows up in the admin panel in profile backgrounds.

If you have this same issue here is what I did to make it auto-approve and not show up in the admin profile background area anymore.

Dolphin 6.1.4

Obviously I have auto-approve already set in the admin panel.

Open your database with phpmyadmin.

Find the Table ProfilesSettings and click on the "Structure" link...usually the second icon.

Find "Status" and click on "Change"...the pencil looking icon usually the second one.

Change Default NULL to
Default Active

And save the changes.

If you have any profile background images that are in your admin panel already you will have to approve them manually, but from then on they will auto-approve and no longer show up in your admin panel.

If this isn't something that your Dolphin does, or if you don't have an issue or problem with it in your admin panel, by all means don't mess with it.

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Tutorial by: Jeremy LeSarge (AKA Ray)

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