I was a little reluctant to write this one because it has been done elsewhere before, but it's been asked several times recently again. So I thought why not, someone will get some use out of it.

One of the simplest and easiest ways to add Google Adsense to your site is using the html block feature in your Dolphin Admin Panel Page Builders.

You can use the Page Builders to apply this too many areas of your Dolphin site. You can set it so only guests see it, only members see it, both or neither.

In this guide, I will describe how to add it to your homepage using the html block in your Dolphin Page Builder.

You should already have a Google Adsense account, and generate the necessary code through your account.

It is pretty difficult to mess this up if you follow along closely, but like most things you change in your Dolphin Admin Panel it will affect your database.

So it is always a good idea to backup your database before you mess around with anything in the Admin Panel you are not sure about.

OK now let's add it to a Block on our homepage.

Login to your Admin Panel and Find the Builders Area and the "Homepage" as pictured:
Dolphin 6.1 Admin Page Builder




Depending on whether or not you have used the "html block" or not yet in your Admin Panel, you may find it in the "Inactive Blocks" or you might find it in "Samples".
Dolphin 6.1 Html Block


Simply click and hold your mouse on "html block" and drag it up to the "Active Blocks" Area for the homepage as pictured in this example:

Dolphin 6 Html Block

Then click directly in the center of the "html block" you just moved up to "Active Blocks" and a new window opens. Notice the "Caption Language Key" highlighted here. This is the actual title that will show in the block on the homepage. So be sure to change and name this to something other than "HTML Block" as pictured.
Caption Lang Key

Here I have changed the "Caption Language Key" = "HTML Block" to "Google Adsense". You might want to use something else. Now to add our code and click the little "HTML" button as pictured here and a new window will open up.
Caption Lang Key Html Button


This is where we want to paste our code. I have circled mine below. Notice I did add the <center> tag at the beginning and </center> tag at the end. This is just to make the advertisement center in the block instead of aligned to the left. Then, simply click the "Update" Button.

Paste Google Adsense Code


You will be returned to the following window. Notice the funny looking symbols. DO NOT touch or change them. This is the Google Adsense Code. Only change the code using the "HTML" button in the previous step if you need to make changes. Simply click on "Save" as pictured.

Google Adsense Code


Now we see our new "HTML Block" says: "Google Adsense" in the Active Blocks.

Google Adsense Block


Open a new browser window and check your homepage. And there we go...there is my new Block. Notice the title of the block is Google Adsense, which I named earlier. Again, you might use a different "Caption Language Key" as mentioned earlier for the title of this block.

Google Adsense Block

Now lets just move the block somewhere else. Back in your Admin Panel Builder for the Homepage. Simply click and hold your mouse on the Google Adsense Block and move it somewhere else. Here, I have moved it to the bottom of the left column. Or the bottom of the page on the right column.

Move Google Adsense Block


Now refresh your homepage again to see the changes. And there it is right under "Feedback"!!

Google Adsense Block Moved


Pretty Simple. You can use this information and guide as a reference to do many different things. Or, use it to insert your own custom code into a block.

The same technique can also be applied to other Page Builders for the Classifieds, Account (Member Page), Shared Music, Shared Photo, Profile Page, Shared Video.


It can take up to 10 minutes for your ads to start showing on your site.

Written By
Tutorial by: Jeremy LeSarge (AKA Ray)

I am the owner and administrator of DialMe.com. I write Tutorials for Boonex Dolphin as well as tips and resources surrounding website programming and development. I enjoy working with WordPress, SEO, and Web Hosting / Servers. I also maintain a WordPress Blog here on this site where you will find a variety of technology and webmaster resources.

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