Boonex Dolphin Licenses

If you just want to see what all the Buzz is about Dolphin, then simply download and install it. Then, go to register a free account at Boonex Unity and grab a FREE license. You will be able to use the same great features as the pay version. The difference is you will have links to Boonex in the bottom of your site and web pages. The Ray Flash Modules/Widgets will also have small Boonex related references in things like the Music Player, Movie/Video Player, etc. If you can live with these small ads you will save yourself some money. It's also a great way to test Dolphin before dropping a bunch of money into it.

If you decide that it's exactly what you were looking for and would like to do away with the Boonex ads then check out the pricing on the licenses below:

Boonex Dolphin Licensing has gone up since the release of 7.0.1 beta1. If you bought a license before this release you probably got a deal. Your license will continue working with the current release, and new releases.

License Prices:

Free license will have Boonex links and logo's.

Standard $149 - $399
This license removes the Boonex links and logo's, and Flash Module Widgets. Includes Advanced BoonEx Membership, and more.

Prime $299 - $799
Dolphin license, Mobile Apps license, Professional installation, Premium BoonEx Membership, and more. Removes Boonex links and logo's, and Flash Module Widgets.

Go to Boonex Homepage to get started now!!

Boonex Dolphin

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