Free Mods And Modules For Dolphin

The following is a list of FREE Dolphin Modifications and Modules that have been posted at Boonex Unity Market. Since Boonex doesn't seem to have a sorting or search feature for FREE only mods I thought this might be helpful to some.

Although they are listed at Boonex as FREE you should read the details. Check the feedback, comments, and ratings of the member that posted the mod. I have no affiliation with any of the members that have posted these at Boonex Unity. I cannot recommend for or against any of them. I am simply making them a little easier to find.

I do try out some of these that have been posted. However, I do not have time to test them all, and many only brief and quick.

Download, install, or test these at your own risk. All links take you to the official Boonex site where you can read the description, and download as a logged in member of the Boonex Unity community.

Obviously some will do more than others. Some I would consider better and of higher quality. Some will be quick and easy to install. While others might be time-consuming and lengthy to install.

One thing I can say for sure is the price is definitely right.

Good Luck with them!

Newly Added

MTools Page Editor For Dolphin 7.1.x

Add A Member In Dolphin Administration Module

Smart Group : Responsive layout integrated with Bootstrap

Palcom : Responsive layout integrated with Bootstrap

Friends Community: Responsive layout integrated with Bootstrap

Nightclub: Fully Responsive Multipurpose Theme


Scroll To Top Lite

Boonex Dolphin 7.1 (Osho) in Italiano - Italian translation

Admin Protection

Cross Member Blocks

(FREE) Social Media Buttons - 3.0

Social Media Share Footer Mod (D7) - FREE!!

Privacy for Friends Page

Deny Unconfirmed

Green Book Free Template for Dolphin 7

FREE - New World (Blue) - Dolphin 7.x Template

Fescennia-v.2.1 template for Dolphin-v.7.0.4 - 7.0.8 and Orca
Fescennia template-v.2.1

Profile Info Checker (ADVANCED)

Hide Unregister Module

Admins - Moderators

Global Localization Lite

Business Template D7.06

Global Ads Lite - Professional Advertising Module D7

Deviation Template

Default template

Facebook "Like" instead of "Stars" Rating UPDATED

Language file parsing

Permissions change and php.ini for CGI

Mandatory Confirmation

Fescennia template-v.2.0

Categories Slider

Blog icon taken from blog post

Automatic Confirmation Emails

FREE MOD - DeeEmm Record user ID with IP address

FREE MOD - DeeEmm Hide custom pages

FREE MOD - DeeEmm Group search by country

FREE MOD - DeeEmm Group Events Block

FREE MOD - DeeEmm Auto Member Level

FREE MOD - DeeEmm Profile Edit Redirect

FREE MOD - DeeEmm - Hide Menu Bar from Guests

FREE MOD - DeeEmm Add Site Instructions

FREE MOD - DeeEmm - Extra info on contact page

Extended Categories

Earthball for Dolphin7

CSS Menu 13 for D7

FREE MOD - DeeEmm Sitemap Generator

FREE MOD - DeeEmm Maintenance Page

Browse/Upload Images to your Content with this phpimage TinyMCE Plugin

Deanos Tools V1.8.3 - Dolphin 7.0.x Version

Clocks for D7

FREE MOD - DeeEmm Tag Fixer

FREE MOD - DeeEmm New User Login Redirect

Membership In Search Results

MTools Page Editor 1.5.0

Norwegian language file

Add PHP Block to Page Builders

2checkout integration in Dolphin

Extension category


MTools Page Editor for Dolphin7

News PHP Block by category for D7

Chat Auto Logout

Advanced Add Block Feature 1.0.0

Font and Sound settings saving

Send Message Hint

Chat Upper Video Panel

One Room Only

Upgrade Category


News PHP Block by category for D7

Modification Category


Message sent - Return to recipient's profile

Messegner Sound Notification

Custom Login and Logout Message

Redirect to any page after logon.

Advanced Add Block Feature 1.0.0

Site's Join

Site's Wall

Templates Category


Veronica 2.0 for D7

Translations category


Dolphin 7.0.1 en version francaise

German/Deutsch Langauge/Sprachfile for Dolphin 7

Dolphin 7.0.0 + deutsches Sprachfile Version 1.7

German/Deutsch Langauge/Sprachfile for Dolphin 7

Manuals Category


News PHP Block by category for D7

I will update this with additional freebee's as time permits and as they are posted at Boonex Unity.