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video upload failed (video error)


does anyone know how to solve this problem im having in Dolphin7 "video upload failed (video error)"

all the other up loaders work fine, just the video that's a problem

Im using dolphin on my Windows pc, not on a server yet cos im still trying to build the site



If you are using it on your windows pc you may need to download the ffmpeg.exe (windows) version from boonex download page here:

Depending on your setup and what exactly you are using to do your testing.

The ffmpeg in the standard dolphin download is for linux systems and setups. Try downloading the windows ffmpeg.exe version. Then replace the one in /flash/modules/global/app/ffmpeg.exe with the windows version you downloaded from Boonex.

You also would want to make sure php.ini settings / configuration allows large enough file sizes for the particular video you are testing. If it is set to 32 mb uploads and your file is 50 then you will get errors.

Olá amigos = Hi friends

I'm having the same problem and the following message appears:



someone could tell what happens and how to fix?