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video size upload

Is there a way to increase the 20Meg video upload setting?

You can increase the upload size in your ray widget administration area in the dolphin admin panel for starters, you might have already tried this.

Secondly if you can't get past a 20mb upload, it is probably what your host has set, or the default for php.

Often you can override this or increase this value to a larger number. You first need to find out what kind of setup your host has for the server. After you know this information, you can make changes to either .htaccess or php.ini. One or the other and if you don't figure this out first your site will either error out, or it will not do anything.

Check this tutorial:
.htaccess & php.ini Help Guide

It is a little long, but it explains how to determine how your host is setup and then tells you how to make the changes to increase upload limits.

So have a look at it when you get a chance.

There are some rare instances that some hosts will not allow you to make the changes explained in the above tutorial. Most of the time you will be able to make the changes yourself.

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